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Multifunctional AM

RC2: Multifunctional AM Computational Modelling Framework


AIM: To accurately model and simulate multimaterial AM; from constituent materials to multifunctional components. 

Joint Leads: Prof Ian Ashcroft and Dr James Sprittles. 

The essence of all AM processes in this Programme is the targeted deposition of small, carefully controlled amounts of fluid (microdrops or voxels) and their controlled agglomeration and solidification, to build complex structures. The complexity of the process and extremely small time and length scales involved make a trial-and-error approach to the design of AM processes unfeasible, hence, the process must be understood on the basis of accurate quantitative models. This is particularly the case when the complexity of the process is compounded by the presence of multiple materials.

Modelling plays a number of inter-related essential roles in the Programme and includes simulation of the manufacturing process and the functional performance of the manufactured parts in-service. When combined with the novel processes and explicit consideration of complex dynamic interfaces/interphases and multicomponent/multiphase interactions that are at the core of the Programme, a unique challenge emerges. We aim to create a mathematical modelling framework that simulates the transformation of constituent materials through the various physical and chemical processes involved in the manufacture of a functional part, in order to seamlessly link the constituent materials and processes to the form of the manufactured part and its functional performance in-service.

Research Team

Ian Ashcroft2
Prof Ian Ashcroft
University of Nottingham

James Sprittles_Warwick 
Dr James Sprittles 
University of Warwick

Yulii Shikhmurzaev
Prof Yulii Shikhmurzaev
University of Birmingham


Mykyta Chubynsky
Dr Mykyta Chubynsky
University of Warwick

Carlos Galeano Rios 120-150
Dr Carlos Galeano Rios
University of Birmingham

Peng Zhao 120-150
Dr Peng Zhao
University of Nottingham



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