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Spotlight event on multi-functional AM


Advances in Multi-Material, Multifunctional Additive Manufacturing for 3D Printed Electronics and Pharmaceuticals

Thursday 18th March 2021 (13.00-16.00 UK time)

wWth single material conventional Additive Manufacturing (AM) now being routinely industrially deployed, research interest is now moving towards understanding how to exploit the AM approach for multi-material, multifunctional AM.

With a focus on multi-material, functional 3D Printed Electronics and Pharmaceuticals, in this mini-conference, researchers from the EPSRC funded Programme Grant: Enabling Next Generation Additive Manufacturing (Next Gen AM*) presented their research on multifunctional AM. They explained how, by controlling the co-deposition (interfacing) of both functional and structural materials, the reach of AM technologies can be extended beyond the well understood geometric freedoms they currently enable.

This Next Gen AM spotlight event was also delighted to welcome Professor Martin Wegener from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), who gave an introductory keynote speech on printing at the nano-scale.

The event was a great success with positive feedback and an international audience of 170 attendees.


Welcome and introduction to Multifunctional AM

Professor, Richard Hague


Keynote speaker:

3D Laser Nanoprinting: Quo vadis?”

Professor Martin Wegener, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Understanding how multi-materials interact: Novel multiscale chemical and physical analysis techniques for multifunctional AM. 

Dr Gustavo F Trindade, University of Nottingham


Can we Print Pills? Advances in multi-material 3D inkjet printing for pharmaceutical devices

Dr Yinfeng He,

University of Nottingham








Hot metal: how do we develop ‘colour’ metal printing?

Dr Nesma Aboulkair,

University of Nottingham


Modelling for (multi) functionality – understanding how to optimise deposition in 3D

Dr James Sprittles,

University of Warwick


3D Electronics: Building Blocks for 3D Printed Sensors and Computers

Dr Geoff Rivers, Dr Jisun Im & Dr Fieran Wang,

University of Nottingham





Closing Remarks and Close

Professor Richard Hague

Posted on Friday 9th April 2021

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