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Can we print your perfect pill?

We are delighted to be presenting at the Royal Society’s Summer Science 2021

Find out how we can use 3D printing technology to manufacture personalised ‘polypills’. Having just one polypill can be particularly helpful for example, the very young or the elderly who find it difficult to swallow pills, which is often made worse by having to take several different medications. 

Scroll down to learn more and play our Polypill Pharmacy game.

What is a polypill?

A polypill is a tablet or pill which can be loaded with several different medications and can be personalised to deliver a patient specific combination of medication, at just the right dose depending on the patient's weight, sex, ethnicity and genetic factors etc. 

Revolutionising the supply chain

3D printing of polypills can also enable the local manufacture of medication at community pharmacies, so revolutionising the supply chain and could be especially useful in e.g. war zones and low income countries where transport links can be limited. 

Have a go at being a pharmacist at our Polypills Pharmacy, but be quick, the clock is ticking:


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