Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2023

3D printed pills

Personalised printing for pills: Can we print your perfect pill?

Will future doctors prescribe a perfect pill for each patient? Will future pharmacists be ready to 3D print custom-made pills for every person? Until then, why don’t you try our game and pretend to be a pharmacist of the future that assists with the demand of a queue of patients?


The concept of 3D printed pills and personalised medicine is an exciting development in the field of healthcare. One of the key advantages is the ability to customise the dosage and formulation of medicine to suit individual patient’s needs and create pills that release medicine when and where we want. This sounds like something out of a futuristic science fiction movie, but a team of researchers at the University of Nottingham are at the forefront of this innovative technology, and are using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods to make it a reality.

During this year’s exhibition, we will be sharing our passion and show how we create 3D printed medicines. You will learn more about the fascinating world of 3D printing techniques, applications, and materials, interact with a range of curated pieces and see a 3D printer in action.

3D printed pill transparent colour
3D Printed pill yellow


RSSE23 activities

Our team of researcher will be attending the exhibition on the 6-7th July 2023. Visitors will be able to see and touch a curated selection of 3D printed parts in a range of sizes, made in different types of printers and using different processes and materials. There will be a station for observing very small parts printed with very high precision, an augmented model of a 3D printed pill and live demonstrations using a 3D printer. 

For full details of the event, check the Royal Society page.

If you want to know more…

Recent pharmacogenetics research has shown that people react differently to drugs depending on their genetics, age, size and gender and how the field of medicine is moving towards personalised medicine. In a live lecture presented during the 2021 Summer festival, our team talked about how 3D printing can enable pills to be produced in different shapes, materials and in a variety of doses of each drug to suit each person’s needs. 

Watch one more video here: Customising 3D printed pills as a treatment for patients