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Kathleen Green

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Dr Kathleen (Kate!) Green has a BSC in psychology and Criminology from the University of Keele, and completed the Doctorate in Forensic Psychology with the University of Nottingham in 2015. She currently works both at the University of Nottingham as an assistant professor in the centre for family and forensic psychology and practices as a forensic psychologist within a secure hospital.

Expertise Summary

Kate is experienced in working with people suffering from mental health problems, intellectual disability and personality disordered traits, both in secure settings and in the community. She has an interest in environmental factors influencing an individual's experiences of mental health problems, particularly childhood traumas and experiences of voice hearing and delusional beliefs. She is experienced in the assessment, formulation and treatment of individuals detained under the mental health act, and in supervising others working with this population. Kate has delivered teaching and training to students completing the post-graduate forensic psychology courses since 2014, and has supervised post-graduate research.

Research Summary

Early experiences of abuse and neglect and symptoms of psychosis

Efficacy of a therapeutic community in a forensic setting

Selected Publications

Past Research

Trauma and personality traits in perpetrators of domestic violence

Public perceptions of pick-up artistry

Future Research

Early adverse experiences and risk in individuals with psychosis

Trauma and emotional regulation in individuals with an intellectual disability

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