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Labour Intelligence Project 2

Project information

Start date


Principal Investigator

Dr Vijay Reddy, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), South Africa

End date



Professor Simon McGrath


Project summary

Contributing research and capacity building in a systematic, focused and coordinated manner, towards the establishment of a credible institutional mechanism for skills planning, in order to achieve the national priority of a skilled and capable workforce for an inclusive growth path.

Themes that the University of Nottingham is participating in:

Theme 1

Establishing a foundation for labour market information systems in South Africa

Theme 1 activities will range from the conceptual to the technical: supporting the design of an indicator system, technical support with integrating data systems, data curation, research on the current application and incentivisation of management information systems, coordinating frameworks for organising and managing labour market intelligence and a research website.


Theme 4

Reconfiguring the post-schooling sector

Theme 4 will investigate the ways in which alignment between different types of public and private education and training systems and labour markets can be improved. It will investigate how institutional capabilities, structures and curriculum mechanisms facilitate or constrain interaction with labour market organisations, in a differentiated post-school sector. 


Theme 6

Understanding changing artisanal occupational milieus and identities

Theme 6 proceeds from the argument that we have been unable to address why the country has stopped producing quality artisans because of a narrow understanding of the context within which artisanal skills development and practice is taking place. A set of inter-linked projects will examine the history of artisanal development, and the impact of changing occupational structures, knowledge and skills bases.


Labour Intelligence Project 2

Labour Intelligence Project 2

Labour Intelligence Project 2



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