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Members of the Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (CLABS) have published a wide range of volumes and articles on research related to the aims of the Centre. A selection of these are listed below.

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Evangelist Luke writing, Byzantine illumination, 10th century


Dr William Bowden

The Roman and Late Antique Villa at Diaporit

Bowden, W and Pérzhita, L (eds)
Oxford, Oxbow, in preparation


Butrint 3: Excavations at the Triconch Palace

Bowden, W and Hodges, R
Oxford, Oxbow, 2011


Social and Political Life in Late Antiquity

Bowden, W, Gutteridge, A and Machado, C (eds)
Leiden, Brill, 2006 


Byzantine Butrint: Excavations and Surveys 1994–1999

Bowden, W, Lako, K and Hodges, R
Oxford, Oxbow, 2004


Recent Research on the Late Antique Countryside

Bowden, W, Lavan, L and Machado, C (eds)
Leiden, Brill, 2004 


Theory and practice in late antique archaeology

Bowden, W and Lavan, L (eds)
Leiden, Brill, 2003  


Epirus Vetus: The archaeology of a Late Antique Province

Bowden, W
London, Duckworth, 2003



Professor Doug Lee


From Rome to Byzantium AD 363 to 565: The Transformation of Ancient Rome

Lee, AD
Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2013


War in Late Antiquity: A Social History

Lee, AD
Oxford, Blackwell, 2007


Pagans and Christians in Late Antiquity: A sourcebook 

Lee, AD
London, Routledge, 2000



Dr Chris Loveluck


Northwest Christendom from the Carolingians to the Crusades, AD 600–1200. A comparative archaeology

Loveluck, CP
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2013


Life and Economy at Early Medieval Flixborough, c. AD 600–1000: The Artefact Evidence

Evans, DH and Loveluck, CP (eds)
Oxford, Oxbow, 2009


Rural Settlement, Lifestyles and Social Change in the Later First Millennium AD

Loveluck, CP
Oxford, Oxbow, 2007


The Early Medieval Settlement Remains from Flixborough, Lincolnshire: The Occupation Sequence, c.AD 600–1000

Loveluck, CP and Atkinson, D
Oxford, Oxbow, 2007



Professor Andrew Poulter


The Transition to Late Antiquity on the Danube and Beyond, Proceedings of the British Academy 141

Poulter, AG (editor, translator and contributor)
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2007


Nicopolis ad Istrum: A Late Roman and Early Byzantine City: The Finds and the Biological Remains

Poulter, AG
London, The Society of Antiquaries of London, 2007



Emeritus Professor John Drinkwater


The Alamanni and Rome 213–496 (Caracalla to Clovis) 

Drinkwater, JF
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2007


Wolf Liebeschuetz Reflected: Essays Presented by Colleagues, Friends, and Pupils 

Drinkwater, JF and Salway, B (eds)
London, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, Supplement: 91, 2007



Emeritus Professor Wolf Liebeschuetz


Ambrose and John Chrysostom: Clerics between City and Desert

Liebeschuetz, W
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2011


Decline and Change in Late Antiquity: Religion, Barbarians and their Historiography 

Liebeschuetz, W
Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2006


Ambrose of Milan: Political Letters and Speeches

Liebeschuetz, W
Translated Texts for Historians, 43, Liverpool, Liverpool University Press, 2005


The Decline and Fall of the Roman City

Liebeschuetz, W
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001



 Journals and papers

Dr William Bowden

• Bowden, W and Mitchell, J (2011) ‘Butrint’, in P Corby Finney (ed.), The Encyclopaedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology (Grand Rapids, MI, W.B. Erdman’s Publishing Co.)
• Bowden, W, Hodges, R and Sebastiani, A (2010) ‘La transizione urbana a Butrinto nel V secolo: ricerche recente e nuovi questioni’, in S Gasparri (ed.), Il V secolo: archeologia e storia (Turnhout, Brepols): 37-65
• Bowden, W (2008) ‘Chapter 9: The Fourth Century’ in E Bispham (ed) Roman Europe (Oxford, Oxford University Press): 265-299 



Professor Doug Lee

• Lee, AD (2015) ‘Emperors and generals in the fourth century’ in J Wienand (ed.), Contested Monarchy: Integrating the Roman Empire in the Fourth Century AD (Oxford, Oxford University Press): 100-118
• Lee, AD (2013) ‘Theodosius and his generals’, in C Kelly (ed.), Theodosius II: Rethinking the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press): 90-108
• Lee, AD (2013) ‘What difference did Christianity make?’, in P Erdkamp (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Rome (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press): 522-38
• Lee, AD (2011) ‘Military history in Late Antiquity: Changing perspectives and paradigms’, in LL Brice and JT Roberts (eds), Recent Directions in the Military History of the Ancient World (Association of Ancient Historians): 145-66


Dr Chris Loveluck

• Loveluck, CP (2011) ‘Problems of the definition and conceptualisation of early medieval elites, AD 450–900: the dynamics of the archaeological evidence’, in F Bougard, R Le Jan and H-W Goetz (eds), Théories et Pratiques des Élites au haut Moyen Âge. Conception, Perception et Réalisation Sociale (Turnhout, Brepols): 21-68
• Loveluck, CP and Evans, D (2010) ‘Anglo-Saxon Flixborough, daily life and dynamic change. AD 650–1000’, British Archaeology, December.
• Loveluck, CP (2009) ‘The dynamics of elite lifestyles in the rural world, AD 600–1150: archaeological perspectives from northwest Europe’, in F Bougard, R Le Jan and R McKitterick, (eds) La Culture du haut Moyen Âge, Une Question d’Élites?, Haut Moyen Âge 7 (Turnhout, Brepols): 139-170


Professor Andrew Poulter

• Poulter, AG (2014) ‘Illyricum and Thrace from Valentinian I to Theodosius II. The radical transformation of the Danubian provinces’, in I Jacobs (ed) Production and Prosperity in the Theodosian Period (Leuven/Walpole, MA, Peeters)
• Poulter, AG (2013) ‘Goths on the lower danube: their impact upon and behind the frontier’, AnTard, 21: 63-76
• Poulter, AG (2012) ‘An indefensible frontier: the claustra Alpium Iuliarum’, Jahreshefte Desösterreichischen Archäologischen Institutes In Wien, 81: 97-126


Emeritus Professor John Drinkwater

• Drinkwater, JF (2009) ‘Crocus, “King of the Alamanni”’, Britannia, 40: 185-196


Emeritus Professor Wolf Liebeschuetz

• Liebeschuetz, W (2006) ‘Nomads, phylarchs and settlement in Syria and Palestine’, in A Lewin and P Pellegrina (eds), Settlements and Demography in the Near East in Late Antiquity (Pisa): 131-145
• Liebeschuetz, W (2007) ‘The lower Danube region under pressure from Valens to Heraclius’, in A Poulter (ed.) TheTransition to Late Antiquity on the Danube and Beyond (London, British Academy): 101-134
• Liebeschuetz, W (2007) ‘Was there a crisis in the third century’, in O Hekster, G de Kleijn, D Slootjes (eds), Crises and the Roman Empire Leiden/Boston): 11-20

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