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The Centre for Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (CLABS) hosts a series of research seminars each year, inviting UK and international scholars to talk at CLABS-sponsored events at the university.

Mosaic panel of Justinian, San Vitale, Ravenna: by Meister von San Vitale in Ravenna [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



16 Feb 2016: Invisible men: Mobility and change on the late Roman frontier in Africa – Dr Andy Merrills, Leicester

Past seminars

10 Feb 2015 Why did emperors visit Rome so rarely in the fourth century? – Dr Gavin Kelly, Edinburgh
21 Jan 2015 The survey of Thisve and the fate of the city in post-Roman Central Greece – Dr Archie Dunn, Birmingham
12 Mar 2014 The Crypta Balbi Museum in Rome: from the excavation to the exhibition – Professor Enrico Zanini, Siena
29 Jan 2014 Spot the Visigoths; the archaeology of 5th-century Gothic settlement (or not) in south-western Gaul and in Spain – Professor Simon Esmonde Cleary, Birmingham
15 Oct 2013 Procopius of Caesarea and the reign of Justinian – Professor Geoffrey Greatrex, Ottowa
1 May 2013 The collapse of the Roman monetary economy in the Western Roman Empire – Dr Sam Moorhead, The British Museum
20 Feb 2013 Ephesos in Late Antiquity and Beyond – Professor Sabine Ladstatter, The Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna
12 Feb 2013 If you enquire whether the bath is ready, the answer is that the Son was made out of nothing: doctrinal controversies and the Late Antique historian – Dr David Gwynn, Royal Holloway
11 Dec 2012 Eunuchs as generals – the case of Narses – Dr Shaun Tougher, Cardiff
14 Nov 2012 Understanding Towns in Late Roman Britain through the framework of re-sensualisation – Dr Adam Rogers, Leicester
29 Mar 2012 The “Dark Ages”: the seventh century in the Balkans – Professor Florin Curta, Miami
7 Feb 2012 Too late? Late Antiquity, the end of empire, and the classical canon – Professor Gillian Clark, Bristol
30 Nov 2011 Aesthetic maintenance of civic space – the classical city from the 4th to the 7th century AD – Dr Ine Jacobs, KU Leuven, Belgium
12 Oct 2011 Western Britain and the world of late antiquity – recent fieldwork at Mothecombe, Devon – Dr Sam Turner, Newcastle, and Dr Steve Roskams, York
9 Mar 2011 Isca – recent archaeological work on the site of the legionary fortress at Caerleon – Dr Peter Guest, Cardiff
22 Feb 2011 And I shall wear purple: Roman attitudes to clothing behaviour – Dr Mary Harlow, Birmingham
11 Feb 2011 Diplomacy as a substitute for declining might? Late Roman and Byzantine foreign policy from the late 3rd to the early 14th century – Dr Oliver Schmitt, Halle, Germany
13 Oct 2010 Unearthing a Late Roman fortress in Bulgaria: new results from the 2010 season of excavation – Professor Andrew Poulter, Nottingham
2 Feb 2010 The artful text of Pacatus – Dr Roger Rees, University of St Andrews
18 Nov 2009 Bringing water to the imperial city of Constantinople – Professor James Crow, Edinburgh
28 Oct 2009 The latest results: excavations at Romuliana (Gamzigrad),the palace of Galerius in modern Serbia – Dr Gerda von Bulow, Roman/German Commission of the German Archaeological Institute, Frankfurt
24 Mar 2009 The supply networks of the Roman East and West: interaction, fragmentation and the origins of the Byzantine economy – Professor Paul Reynolds, Barcelona
18 Mar 2009 Late Roman and early Byzantine frontier defence in the Roman East: recent fieldwork on Roman fortifications along the Roman limes in Syria – Professor Dr Michaela Konrad, Bamberg
17 Mar 2009 Bishops and law courts in Late Antiquity: how (not) to make sense of the legal evidence – Dr Caroline Humfress, Birkbeck, London
2 Mar 2009 Predatory migration and the first millennium – Professor Peter Heather, King's College, London
18 Feb 2009 Recent research on the Late Roman period in Xanten and the Lower Rhineland – Dr Clive Bridger, Xanten Regionalmüseum, Germany
2 Dec 2008 Augustine’s Black Sheep: the case of Antoninus of Fussala – Dr Neil McLynn, Oxford
26 Nov 2008 Saying a good word for the Late Roman army – Dr John Casey, London
15 Oct 2008 The Triconch Palace at Butrint and the archaeology of late antique urban housing – Dr William Bowden, Nottingham
23 Apr 2008 Sagalassos from proto-urban settlement to mid-Byzantine kastron: 20 years of holistic archaeology at Sagalassos and on its territory (SW Turkey) – Professor Marc Waelkens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
7 Mar 2008 The Christianization of Isauria – Professor Hugh Elton, Trent, Canada
5 Mar 2008 Tuscany between late antiquity and the early middle ages – Professor Marco Valenti, Siena
20 Feb 2008 Wars within the frontiers: archaeology and civil war in the Late Empire – Dr Neil Christie, Leicester
6 Feb 2008 “The pump don't work ‘cause the Vandals took the handles”: the Vandals in the post-classical imagination – Dr Andy Merrills, Leicester
5 Dec 2007 The plague in stone – Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos, King’s College London
21 Nov 2007 The character of urbanism in late Roman Gaul – Professor Raymond Brulet, Louvain
17 Oct 2007 The archaeology of late antique and early Byzantine dining habits in the eastern Mediterranean – Dr Joanita Vroom, Sheffield
3 May 2007 From Constantinople to Pliska and Nitra: archaeology and the spread of Byzantine culture in the 9th century – Professor Joachim Henning, Frankfurt
25 Apr 2007 The early life of Julian the Apostate – Professor John Vanderspoel, Calgary

Centre events

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