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Mikaella ConstantinouAfter many recommendations to study at the University of Nottingham, I can say that I made the right choice. The University offers a variety of modules in my field, that enhanced my knowledge and will be helpful in my future career. The professors assist their students in any kind of situation and they encourage us to succeed. In addition, the city of Nottingham is perfect for students, since it has everything that we need. I strongly recommend the University of Nottingham for any student.

Mikaella Constantinou (Cypriot), LLM International Commercial Law, 2018/19

Simge AslanMy experience as an LLM student in International Commercial Law was both academically and socially rewarding and overall invaluable. Studying abroad, meeting countless, inspiring people and getting to know them, making new memories everyday was just a part of this life changing experience.

Academically, my expectations were exceeded. The School of Law offers a variety of modules, all taught by world-class experts. I had the opportunity to design a curriculum in accordance to my interests and career prospects from a wide range of commercial law modules such as International Sale of Goods, International Aspects of Corporate Law and Insolvency, International Trade Law and more. The modules were challenging yet satisfying at the same time. Resource materials were rich and comprehensive.

The approachable and motivational attitude of the convenors gave me the confidence to participate in seminar discussions and the quality of discussions were further enhanced by the diverse backgrounds of my fellow students. The blend of multi-cultural students allowed me to appreciate different point of views and get acquainted with different cultures and legal notions. The fact that most of my modules included international comparison also contributed to getting to know other legal systems.

As a lawyer from a civil law background, I had concerns about studying in a common law jurisdiction, yet, they were proven to be unjustified as I was able to receive all kinds of assistance and support in order to get accustomed to the system in the UK. I was offered the opportunity to participate in additional seminars, workshops and individual meetings with our tutors. I also had the chance to work as a research assistant for a short while during my study which further enriched my experience.

Overall, past year has contributed to my personal growth extensively, in many ways and helped shape my future career plans.

Simge Aslan (Turkish), LLM International Commercial Law, 2017/18

Haifan YangI spent two years at University of Nottingham School of Law from 2015 to 2017. In the first year, I was an exchange student. It was during this period that I found myself fascinated by the outstanding teachers and classmates and strong study atmosphere in Nottingham. Thus, I decided to do further study and pursued my LLM degree here.

Compared to the first year when I took the set courses, I could choose my own modules in the second year. I was surprised by the various options offered by the university. It is no exaggeration to say that you can find almost every subject in law which is conducted by first-class experts in Nottingham. For example, some of my classmates who were interested in Maritime law could find systematic courses from the list, such as Carriage of goods by sea and Marine Insurance law conducted by Professor Howard Bennett. For me, I was curious about the Intellectual property law at that time even if I knew little about it. The good news was that the University offered various IP courses in Copyright Law, Patent Law and Trademark Law that were conducted by Professor Paul Torremans and Professor Estelle Derclaye. They are both experts in academic research and academic teaching and were both extremely kind and helpful.

Another point that I want to mention about the university is the research facilities. I missed my time in Nottingham when I had full access to databases, such as the LexisNexis, Westlaw and so forth. I am now a PhD candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I really appreciated the study life in Nottingham. The School of Law is a world-leading school situated in a beautiful city. This kindness deserves you to experience by yourself. I sincerely recommend the School of Law to you. I hope you can treasure this magic experience as I do.

Haifan Yang (China), LLM International Commercial Law, 2016/17

Razvan PopaI chose the University of Nottingham due to its fantastic research facilities. My masters degree helped me secure a training contract with a specialist IP law firm.

The city of Nottingham offers a unique experience. While on the inexpensive side, it offers great social activities and plenty of work experience opportunities.

The lecturers are specialists in their teaching areas and have extensive knowledge in the subjects surrounding commercial law. I have applied the knowledge gained in the lectures in the extra-curricular activities (plenty to choose from). Through the activities organised by the School of Law, you have the chance to meet new people, including famous lawyers and judges.

Razvan Popa (Romanian), LLM International Commercial Law, 2016/17

At Nottingham, I studied all the intellectual property subjects I could find (copyright law, design law, patent law, trademark law), as well as EU competition law, and some company law and private international law. It is important to craft your studies with a goal in mind to make them coherent. Don't hesitate to take one subject outside your area of expertise to broaden your view. Whatever you choose, you will find motivated and skilled professors to help you.

Coming from a civil law background, I'd been used to having to fight my way through everything so, let's put it simply: you won't need to fight for anything in Nottingham. If you need something, anything, there will be a dozen of smiling people to help you out. Of course, it does not mean that you won't need to work. Rememver to ask questions and don't hesitate to send an email to teachers outside of class either as they are generally very responsive.

Tristan Branellec (French), LLM International Commercial Law, 2016/17

I am a French student who had the chance to study at the University of Nottingham for an LLM International Commercial Law. I chose this university for the diversity of modules available. I could therefore make up the LLM I really wanted.

All the different modules were presented to us at the beginning of the year. We received a little explanation from our future professors. This was a good way to choose which modules would suit me. I could focus my LLM on what I wanted and also discovered new subjects in the law field. Thanks to the material given before each seminar, it was easy to follow and to understand the topic of the day. It is sometimes hard work with all the reading but it's worth it to be able to participate during the seminar.

The professors were also very welcoming. They are used to having students from different countries and are therefore very patient. Is it easy to talk to them at the end of the seminar for any enquiries. The LLM in Commercial Law was the LLM the most suited for what I wanted to achieve later. It gave me the opportunity to open my mind to different topic and not only pure business law. I enjoyed the autonomy in preparing the seminars and the concrete cases we could work on.

My experience at the University of Nottingham was a full success. I have felt very welcomed. I learnt how to adapt to another country, I learnt new cultures and met many amazing people.

Jacinthe Malthieu (French), LLM International Commercial Law, 2016/17

Anuradha KumbharI was a student from India and pursued LLM International Commercial Law in 2011/12. The School of Law has the most renowned professors who are pioneers in their field of expertise and have various books and publications to their credit.

The course offers variety of modules to select from. Do not hesitate to select a new module that interests you. I had keen interest in Intellectual Property Law and had therefore taken all the related modules. Initially I had apprehensions about selecting modules I never studied before but from the very first lecture these apprehensions were put to rest by Dr Estelle Derclaye who taught the subjects right from the basics. The faculty is always happy to promptly address any queries.

The teaching and subject knowledge evaluation methodology here refines your skill set of research, interaction and opinion writing on the subject with supportive references. These skill sets prepare you to be a high performer in your professional life, no matter which legal career you choose.

I can proudly say, studying at this University changed my life for good. The University and faculty are such a major part of my success story that I feel obliged to visit them whenever I travel to UK.

Anuradha Kumbhar (Indian), LLM International Commercial Law, 2011/12

I am from the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and completed my LLM in International Commercial Law in 2011/2012 at the University of Nottingham on a British Chevening Scholarship.

I found the LLM programme at Nottingham to be a first class experience, punctuated by excellent teaching, supervision and research facilities. I was particularly impressed by the sheer excellence of my lecturers at the time, including Professor Estelle Derclaye and Professor Mary Footer, who demonstrated exceptional command of their subject matter. The lecturers were always well prepared, and provided ample opportunities for critical engagement.

The University afforded me numerous opportunities to engage in extra-curricular activities, including mooting, debating and cricket. My experience as a judge for the external moot court team was nothing short of excellent, as I had the unique opportunity to guide and instruct mooters who were at the time preparing to represent the University in an International Moot Court Competition. Quite apart from the University's excellent reputation, it's brilliant cadre of staff, its tier-one research output and the sheer beauty of the campus, I believe that studies at the University of Nottingham instilled within me a thirst for knowledge, and an overall commitment to diligence and excellence. I understood from the very outset that my lecturers had high expectations, and was happy to have graduated with an overall grade of a Distinction in the LLM programme.

Since that time, I have completed a PhD on a Commonwealth Scholarship, and have served as an academic, lawyer and consultant in the Caribbean. I'd definitely recommend the University of Nottingham to students wishing to obtain a quality, well-rounded degree from a leading research institution in the UK.

Jason Haynes, LLM International Commercial Law, 2011/12


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