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Composites expertise
 Keywords Name
Design and Manufacture of Composite Materials, particularly in the sectors of Automotive and Aerospace Engineering Professor Nick Warrior (Head of Group)
Structural damping, Optimisation, Structural health monitoring, Lamb waves, Structural Identification, Acoustic and mechanical metamaterials Dr Dimitrios Chronopoulos
Solid state properties of polymers Dr Davide De Focatiis
Polymer composites with an emphasis on pressurised and vacuum liquid moulding techniques as well as joining, including adhesive and mechanical approaches.   Dr Mike Johnson
Composite materials, structural integrity and dynamics, stress analysis techniques including finite element analysis and multi-scale modelling.  Mechanics of composite materials including design optimisation Professor Arthur Jones
Micromechanical characterisation of composites, Damage and failure of composites, Structural buckling and post-buckling analysis, 3D printing of continuous fibre reinforced composites. Professor Shuguang Li
Manufacture and performance of composite materials Professor Andy Long
Recycling of polymer composite materials, including processes for recovery of fibres and processing of recovered glass and carbon fibre into high value applications (experimental) Professor Steve Pickering
Aerospace design for manufacture, Automation of composite manufacturing processes & Carbon fibre composite materials recycling and reuse Dr Tom Turner

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