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Melissa Yoong

Research Student / Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts



Melissa Yoong specialises in Gender and Language, and has published on sexist, postfeminist, and neoliberal discourses in the mass media, in particular how these reinforce gender inequality in society. She has spoken on these themes for various organisations in the university as well as for public audiences, including at the British High Commission and on the independent radio station, BFM. She is a lecturer-advisor for the Gender Equality Initiative, coordinated by the Association of Women Lawyers, Malaysia and the Malaysian Bar Council, and has provided her expertise on gender and language in professional contexts as a mentor for the FutureLearn online course, How to Read Your Boss.

Melissa is currently a member of the Campus Teaching Committee, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' Equality and Diversity Committee, as well as a faculty Research Ethics Reviewer. Upon obtaining her MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Nottingham, UK, she joined the university's Centre for English Language Education in 2008. Prior to moving to the School of English as Assistant Professor in 2016, she was the Director for the Arts and Education Foundation programme. She is currently a PhD candidate with the University of Nottingham, UK.

Teaching Summary

Melissa convenes the following UG and MA modules:

Q31M08 Introduction to Linguistics 1

Q31M09 Introduction to Linguistics 2

Q32104 Discourse and Society

Q34M01 Approaches to Language and Linguistics

Q34M06 Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Research Summary

Melissa's current research focuses on the influence of postfeminism and neoliberalism on mass media discourses about professional women.

Recent Publications

Past Research

Online Articles:

YOONG, M., 2014. Pull up a chair, we need to talk about sexist language at work. The Conversation. Available at: <>

Conference Presentations:

YOONG, M., 2016. "Create Opportunities for Yourself!": Neoliberal Postfeminism in a Malaysian Women's Magazine. At: 9th International Gender and Language Association (IGALA) Conference

YOONG, M., 2014. The Air Hostess and the Chairman: Developing Learner Awareness of Politically Incorrect Language in Newspapers in Education. At: 12th International Asia TEFL Conference

YOONG, M., 2013. Sexism at UNMC At: Ms Education: Women, Equality and Education in the 21st century

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