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Forming Ruins: an interdisciplinary postgraduate workshop


Wednesday 2nd July 2014

This interdisciplinary workshop explored the different forms ruins can take, and the way these formations are realised and written as ruins was explored as both material ‘things’ and intangible process. It was concerned with when, where, by and for whom, ruins are formed and how this formation relates to social, political and cultural forces. It aimed to use the ambiguity of ruins to enrich the enquiry into their meaning, asking how ruins can be read productively and what might be the significance and implications of the recent academic interest surrounding them.

Papers followed the themes:

  •  Representing and narrating ruins and ruination
  •  The use and abuse of ruins
  •  Experiencing ruins
  •  Ruins as intentionality
  •  Environmental or ecological ruination
  •  Aftermaths of ruination
  •  Reinvigorations of ruins

The workshop offered postgraduate students an opportunity to present related work at any stage of their research within a friendly, supportive and stimulating environment. Papers were followed by a keynote speech from Amy Concannon, assistant curator of the Ruin Lust Exhibition at the Tate Britain (4th March - 18th May 2014).

The conference programme [PDF] and poster [PDF].

Funded by the AHRC Landscape & Environment Programme and the School of English.

Organised by the The Landscape, Space, Place Research Group.

Organising Committee: Alice Insley, Philip Jones, Xiaofan Xu, Emma Zimmerman.

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