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Postgraduate Research

Welcome to our postgraduate research page. Here you can find and access information relating to a number of students in our postgraduate cohort whose research relates to regional culture and literature.

By clicking on each student’s name you will be taken to a page with a written description of their work or a profile page describing their research interests. 

There are many postgraduate research projects currently taking place in the school.

Current PhD students

  • Thomas Black - Celtic Britain: Writing National Identities from 1640-1725.
  • Gemma Edwards -  Representing the Rural: New Rural Imaginaries on the Twenty-First Century Stage.
  • Hollie Johnson - Ecodystopia: Environmental Apocalypse and the Ecocidal Imagination.
  • Katie Jones - Author, Reviewer and Translator: Katherine Mansfield's Place in Literary Culture.
  • Hannah Manktelow - Provincial Shakespeare Performance, 1769-2016.
  • Sarah O'Malley - Gendered Lands: Literary Representations of Seventeenth-Century English Landscapes, Spaces and Places at Home and Abroad.
  • Jodie Marley - 'A Rare Instance of Mystical Genius': The Influence of William Blake on the Mysticism of Irish Modernist Writers.
  • Morakot Pan-Iam - Reading Spatial Loneliness and Subjectivity in the Apartheid Fiction of Nadine Gordimer and J. M. Coetzee.

Past PhD students

  • Charlotte May - The Samuel Rogers Recovery Project
  • Annalise Grice - The Early Writings of D. H. Lawrence and the Literary Marketplace
  • Edmund Downey - Print culture, democracy and reform in the Romantic period; 'Thomas Spence and Regional Political Culture'
  • Emma Zimmerman - Architexture: Space, Form, and the Late Modernist Novel
  • Margaret Eaton - Performativity in the life writings of Frank McCourt
  • Pamela Grieg - Editing the Lay Folks’ Catechism , or  Sermon of John Gaytrydge, a manual of elementary religious instruction
  • Jemima Matthews - The Use and Abuse of the Thames, 1550-1650
  • Ivan Pregnolato - A Pilgrim in Historiography: Byron and the Discourse(s) of History in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain.

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