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Members of the CRLC regularly publish top-quality articles, monographs, scholarly editions, and more, which are recognised nationally and internationally as some of the best interdisciplinary works in the field.

By clicking on the drop-down headings below, you can view recent and past publications in three of the CRLC's main areas of interest. Individual staff publications can be found on their staff profiles.

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The CRLC’s recent work on Scottish literature and culture includes Joseph Jackson’s Writing Black Scotland (2020), the first in a new series of Engagements with Modern Scottish Culture (Edinburgh UP).


Literary recoveries

Guy, Josephine, ed. (2021), The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Vol XI. Vera; Or, The Nihilist and Lady Windermere's Fan (Oxford UP, in press). 

Martin, Joanna ed. (2020), The Findern Manuscript: A New Edition of the Unique Poems, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

Ní Fhlathúin, Máire (2019), ‘Satire, Militarism, and the Hunt: Appropriations of Thomas Moore in Sporting Bombay’. In S. McCleave, & T. O'Hanlon (Eds.), The Reputations of Thomas Moore: Poetry, Music and Politics. New York and Oxford: Routledge..

Ní Fhlathúin, Máire, ed. (2018), Digital scholarly edition of the poetry of Thomas Morris, with critical apparatus, including introduction, notes and contextual material. Thomas D’Arcy Morris, The Griffin (1820) and other works. Romantic Circles.

Pratt, Lynda, and Packer, Ian (2018), 'Robert Southey and the Peninsular War', in Diego Saglia, Diego and Ian Haywood, eds.,Spain in British Romanticism (New York, Palgrave Macmillan), pp. 36-54.

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Kirwan, Peter (2011), ‘Chasing Windmills: An Identity Crisis in Double Falsehood at the Union Theatre, Southwark’ in Shakespeare, 7.3 , 329-34.

Pratt, Lynda, ed. (2009), The Collected Letters of Robert Southey, Part 1, Romantic Circles.

Pratt, Lynda & Tim Fulford, eds. (2009), The Letters of Robert Bloomfield and his Circle, Romantic Circles.

Pratt, Lynda, ed. (2006), Robert Southey and the Contexts of English Romanticism, Aldershot: Ashgate.


Space and place

Legendre, Thomas (2020), Keeping Time, Acre.

Ní Fhlathúin, Máire (2020, ‘Late Orientalist poetry and politics: India in the colonial literary culture of the 1830s’, Modern Language Review, 115(4), 809-833.

Robinson, Joanna (2019), ‘“Our Theatre Royal Nottingham”: co-creation and co-curation of a digital performance collection with citizen scholars’, International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 15 (2), 128-148.

Kirwan, Peter (2018), 'Cheek by Jowl: Reframing Complicity in Web-Streams of Measure for Measure'. In: Aebischer, Pascale, Greenhalgh, Suzanne and Osborne, Laurie E., eds., Shakespeare and the ‘Live’ Theatre Broadcast Experience Bloomsbury. 161-75.

McGregor, Jon (2017), Reservoir 13, 4th Estate. 

Sutherland, Lucie (2017), 'Mapping the Robin Hood Rifles in mid-nineteenth-century Nottingham', Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 2016 (120), 143-155.

Robinson, Joanna (2016), Theatre and the Rural, Palgrave.

Robinson, Joanna (2016), ‘“Outside of everything and everybody”: renegotiating place in the classroom’ Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance. 21(2), 214-228.

Ní Fhlathúin, Máire (2015), British India and Victorian Literary Culture, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Kirwan, Peter (2015), 'The Roared-at Boys?: Repertory Casting and Gender Politics in the RSC's 2014 Swan Season Shakespeare'. 11(3), 247-61.

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Robinson, Joanna (2010), Mapping the Moment: Performance Culture in Nottingham: 1857-1867.

Robinson, Joanna (2010), ‘Mapping the Field: Moving through Landscape’, Performance Research: Fieldworks, 15.4: 86-96.

Pratt, Lynda (2008), ‘“Let not Bristol be ashamed”? Coleridge’s Afterlife in the Early Recollections of Joseph Cottle’, in James Vigus and Jane Wright Coleridge’s Afterlives, eds., London and New York: Palgrave: 20-35.

Robinson, Joanna (2007), ‘Becoming more Provincial? The Global and the Local in Theatre History’, New Theatre Quarterly, 23.3: 229-40. 


Region and nation

Jackson, Joseph (2020), Writing Black Scotland: Race, Nation and the Devolution of Black Britain, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Rounce, Adam ed. (2018), The Cambridge Edition of the works of Jonathan Swift: Irish Political Writings after 1725, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Robinson, Joanna (2017),  Beyond Outcast London: Theatre in the Provinces at the fin de siècle. In: JOSEPHINE GUY, ed., The Edinburgh Companion to Fin de Siècle Literature, Culture and the Arts, Edinburgh University Press, pp. 229-243.

Sutherland, Lucie (2017), 'Mapping the Robin Hood Rifles in mid-nineteenth-century Nottingham', Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 2016 (120), 143-155.

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Royan, Nicola ed. (2007), Langage Cleir Illumynate: Scottish Poetry from Barbour to Drummond: 1375-1650, Amsterdam: Rodopi. 


PGR publications

The CRLC also fosters a vibrant postgraduate community. A selection of their publications can be seen below, or individual publication lists can be found on their postgraduate profiles.

PGR publications

Monographs by completed students:  

  • Whickman, P. (2020) Blasphemy and Politics in Romantic Literature, (Palgrave).

  • Ward, J. (2016) The Forgotten Film Adaptations of D.H. Lawrence's Short Stories, (Brill).

Articles by current/recently completed students:  

  • Ashbridge, C. (2020). ‘It aye like London, you know’: The Brexit Novel and the Cultural Politics of Devolution. Open Library of Humanities 6 (1): 15. doi: 

  • Downey, E., & Wilcockson, A. (2020). ‘Lays of the Octopods (The Last of the Octopods)’: An Unpublished Poem by Edward Lear. Notes and Queries. doi: 

  • Edwards, G. (2020). Small Stories, Local Places: A Place-Oriented Approach to Rural Crises. Journal of Contemporary Drama in English 8 (1): 65-82. doi: 

  • Jones, K. (2020). 'Something Sensational and New': Katherine Mansfield's Engagement with the Literary Marketplace in London, 1908-9. In: Aimée Gasston, Gerri Kimber, Janet Wilson (eds.), Katherine Mansfield: New Directions. Bloomsbury. 

  • Ganesan, K. (2019) Nature in contemporary Malaysian life-writings in English. Journal of Postcolonial Writing 55 (2), 169-181. 

  • Grice, A. (2019) "Colliers is a discontented lot": "The miner at home" in the Nation and the 1912 National Coal Strike. In: I. Manniste, ed., D.H. Lawrence, technology, and modernity. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 25-35. 

  • Zimmerman, E. (2019) Uncanny Cities: Urban Geographies and Metropolitan Life in the 1930s. In: Benjamin Kohlmann and Matthew Taunton, eds., A History of 1930s British Literature. Cambridge University Press, 31-43.


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