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Photo of two knitted soft toys (modelled on Douglas and Boece) leaning against an open book surrounded by sprigs of heather. Gavin Douglas and Hector Boece were major figures of Scottish humanism.

Research projects 

Members of the Centre for Regional Literature and Culture have research strengths in literary history, text-editing and manuscript work, and explore issues of space and place in local, regional and national writing.

Current and recent research and public engagement projects in these and other areas are listed below. Visit our past projects page to find out more about previous research.

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The Collected Letters of Robert Southey is an innovative, electronic, scholarly edition of the correspondence of one of the most controversial and significant British writers of the Romantic period: Robert Southey (1774-1843), led by Professor Lynda Pratt.

Table of current and recent research projects
Project Principal Investigator Funding Dates
D. H. Lawrence on stage and screen James Moran   2014 - ongoing
The Collected Letters of Robert Southey Lynda Pratt AHRC, 2007-2010, £363k. MHRA 2016-17, £23k. British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust. 2007 - 2025
Oscar Wilde’s development as a successful West End dramatist Jo Guy Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, £110.5k 01/09/2018- 31/08/2021
Early Scottish uses Of European humanism Nicola Royan British Academy, £53.8k 01/01/2020- 30/06/2021
Future of the high street augmenter project in partnership with NCC Spencer Jordan Research England QR, £15.3k 01/12/2020- 31/03/2021
Regional museums in the time of Covid-19 and beyond Lynda Pratt Research England QR, £13.6k 01/12/2020- 31/03/2021
Robert Southey's Keswick: Enhancing understanding of the literary culture of the northern Lake District Lynda Pratt AHRC Follow-On, £66.5k 01/02/20 - 31/08/20
Caerlaverock Castle - The Siege of Caerlaverock Nicola Royan Britich Academy, £3k 17/09/2019- 31/01/2020
21st Century slave revolts and underground railroads Svenja Adolphs, Laura Murphy (visiting fellow) British Academy, £33k 15/08/2019- 15/01/2020
Making accessibility accessible: Building on the outcomes of the integrated immersive inclusiveness project Jo Robinson (with Modern Languages and Cultures; Computer Sciences; Mixed Reality Lab) AHRC, £36.8k (£9.5k school share) 01/02/2019- 31/12/2019
Integrated Immersive Inclusiveness: trialling immersive technologies Jo Robinson (with Modern Languages and Cultures; Computer Sciences; Mixed Reality Lab) AHRC, £37.2k 01/02/2018- 31/12/2019
Lace2Place: An Immersive VR sprint Spencer Jordan (with Nottingham Mission Room; Nottingham Contemporary) UoN Interdisciplinary Research Cluster, £15k 01/10/2018- 01/05/2019
Our Theatre Royal Nottingham: Its Stories, People and Heritage Jo Robinson (with Theatre Royal, Nottingham) Heritage Lottery Fund, £17k 2017 - 2019
Shakespeare in the theatre: cheek by jowl  Peter Kirwan   2019
The lost poetry of Empire Máire Ní Fhlathúin Curran Fellowship, £2.6k 01/09/2018- 31/12/2018
The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Fiction of Henry James: Volume 28: 'The Lesson of the Master' and Other Tales Rebekah Scott British Academy / Leverhulme Small Travel Grant, £3k 01/07/2017- 01/09/2018
Citizen Scholarship in Nottingham: Understanding the value of engaging users with heritage and culture Jo Robinson AHRC follow-on, £60.7k 01/09/2017- 31/08/2018
In dialogue with the past: Legacies of the Transatlantic trade in Canada’s modern-day slavery Abigail Ward Leverhulme International Fellowship, £39.7k 01/09/2017- 30/06/2018
Performing slavery James Moran, Chris Collins (with Hall Park Academy; Nottingham Lakeside Arts) UoN Rights Lab Beacon, £4.9k 2018
The Sherwood Foresters of the Easter Rising: Memories, monuments, and fictions James Moran AHRC, £15k 01/01/2017- 07/10/2017
The Collected Letters of Robert Southey. Part 7: 1821-27 Lynda Pratt MHRA, £23k 01/10/2016- 01/09/2017
The drama of DH Lawrence: Regional identity and space James Moran Philip Leverhulme Fellowship, £70k. British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship, £84k. 16/12/2013-31/10/2016
Scots poet Gavin Douglas Nicola Royan Leverhulme Mid-Career Research Fellowship, £34.9k 01/09/2013- 31/08/2015
Intertextual Joyce Sarah Davison British Academy, £7k 2013 - 2014
A newly discovered account of Ben Jonson's walk to Scotland: An annotated edition, contextual essays and resources for heritage interpretation Julie Sanders (with University of Edinburgh) AHRC, £45.7k 01/05/2011- 31/10/2013
Maitland Quarto manuscript Joanna Martin AHRC early career fellowship 22/01/2012- 21/10/2012
The Language of space in court performance, 1400-1625 Janette Dillon Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, £79.4k 01/09/2008- 31/08/2010
The Wollaton medieval manuscripts: Texts, owners and readers Thorlac Turville-Petre AHRC, £243k 01/11/2008- 31/07/2010
Mapping Performance Culture: Nottingham 1857-1867 Jo Robinson AHRC, £289k 01/06/2006- 31/07/2009 
Electronic edition of Piers Plowman Thorlac Turville-Petre AHRC, £96k 01/09/2006- 31/08/2008


Photo of two white women and a man stood in front of a whiteboard with writing on it and laughing together.


Photograph of a young white woman in profile wearing a white jumper with a large bookcase filling the wall behind her.

Postgraduate research

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Past projects



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