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MaSciL: Mathematics and Science for Life

Project information

Start date

January 2013

Principal Investigator

Geoff Wake


  • Marie Joubert
  • Len Newton
  • Malcolm Swan

End date

December 2016


European Union (FP7: Seventh Framework Programme)


Project summary

MaSciL (Mathematics and Science for Life) aims to promote a widespread use of inquiry-based teaching that is connected to the world of work in primary and secondary schools. The project MaSciL is funded by the European Commission and brings together 18 partners from 13 countries.

The intention is to promote students' curiosity in, engagement with, and a sense of purpose in the learning of mathematics and science through materials and teaching approaches that give insight into aspects of the potential use of these subjects in the world of work. Alongside providing a bank of resources that will support work in classrooms the project is developing a professional development toolkit to support communities of teachers who seek to work in ways that promote such student experiences. 

In the first phase of the project running to September 2014, project partners will work on the development of the toolkit and resources in readiness for wide scale implementation. This will result in a substantial number of professional development communities working across Europe with the new approaches. This implementation phase will be carefully researched to allow optimisation of the resources by the end of the project.

Across Europe the project will work with different target groups, such as teachers, parents, students, school authorities and policy makers to promote inquiry based learning connected to the world of work.

In England, the work of the project is led from the University of Nottingham, Centre for Research in Mathematics Education, with the team responsible for the development of the Professional Development (PD) toolkit. It is the intention that during the implementation phase the team will support PD communities of teachers working to a lesson study model. To find out more about how you might get involved in this work please contact geoffrey.wake@nottingham.ac.uk

Further details of the project, together with links to the growing bank of resources can be found on the MaSciL website.

The project provides a new resource each month - view the problem of the month.

This project develops further the work of the PRIMAS project.

Collaborating institutions

There are 17 institutions from 13 countries working together on the MaSciL Project.

Project CoordinationContact
Univerisity of Education, Freiburg (Germany) Professor Katja Maaß
Project leader

Project PartnersContact
Foundation for research and technology (Greece) Dr Kathy Kikis-Papadakis
University Utrecht (Netherlands) Dr Monica Wijers
University of Jaen (Spain) Francisco Javier Garcia
Gesine Kulcke (Germany)  
University of Nicosia (Cyprus) Professor Nicholas Mousoulides
University of Athens (Greece) Despina Potari
Hogskolen I Sor-Trondelag (Norway) Professor Birgit Pepin
University of Kiel (Germany) Dr Katrin Engeln
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj (Romania) Dr Szilárd András 
University of Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)  Professor Martin Bilek
Divulgacion Dinamica SL, Seville (Spain) Maya Álvarez Pedro
Hacettepe University (Turkey) Gultekin Cakmakci
Vilnius University (Lithuania) Professor Valentina Dagienė
University of Innsbruck (Austria) Dr Suzanne Kapelari
Gutenberg Universitat Frankfurt (Germany) Dr Marcelo Parreira do Amaral
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria) Professor Petar Kenderov




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