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Rethinking the Value of Advanced Mathematics Participation (REVAMP)


'Young people could be limiting future salaries by dismissing A level mathematics'. The REVAMP final report has been released, you can read more about the project's findings on the Nuffield Foundation website.

Project information

Start date

June 2013

Principal Investigator

Professor Andrew Noyes


Dr Mike Adkins

End date



The Nuffield Foundation



The REVAMP study (2013-16) combined four strands of quantitative analysis to understand the current and changing attitudes to participation in, and value of, A level mathematics. It used high-quality secondary datasets (NCDS, BCS, NPD, HESA) and included a large-scale survey of 17-year-olds' understandings of the value of mathematics in their educational and life choices and aspirations.

The four quantitative strands of the project are:

  1. updated research on the 'economic return' to A level mathematics
  2. an investigation of the nature of changing participation in A level mathematics from 2005-13
  3. modelling of the relationship between A level mathematics and outcomes in a range of science and social science degree level programmes
  4. a large-scale survey of 17-year-olds

These studies were interwoven with a policy trajectory analysis that traces the values attributed to A level mathematics, in particular its economic value. 

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