Cultural and Historical Geography
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Historical Geographies of Internationalism, Environment and Health

Research in this field fosters a commitment to the historical study of environment, health and biopolitics in their international contexts. Methodological contributions span the qualitative interpretation of archival sources to the quantitative analysis of extensive statistical datasets.

Image from: Report of the Conference of Empire Meteorologists, 1930, HMSO, London.

airship route

Medical history and geographies of health

This research explores how health and disease are effected by location, place, and networks. Spatial epidemiology reconstructs the transmission of disease, while geographies of health explore the cultural impacts and responses to disease and health risks.

Recent publications...
  • Freeman, C. (In press). The Crime of Choice: Abortion Border Crossings from Chile to Peru. Gender, Place and Culture.
  • Smallman-Raynor, Matthew, Cliff, Andrew D, and Heather Hooper, Atlas of Refugees, Internally Displaced Populations and Communicable Disease: Decoding Geographical Patterns and Processes since 1901 Oxford University Press, Oxford (in press).
  • Smallman-Raynor, Matthew, and Andrew D. Cliff. "The diffusion of cholera in Egypt, 1947: a time-space analysis of one of the largest single outbreaks in the twentieth century." Journal of Historical Geography 54 (2016): 24-37.
  • Smallman-Raynor, Matthew, Andrew Cliff, and Anna Barford. "Geographical perspectives on epidemic transmission of cholera in Haiti, October 2010 through March 2013." Annals of the Association of American Geographers 105.4 (2015): 665-683.

Environmental humanities and geographies of climate

Geographers have long worked with techniques developed in collaboration with the arts and humanities. This research uses these techniques to explore environmental change, and how geographers might react to our changing climate.

Recent publications...
  • Matless, D. (in press) The Anthroposcenic Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers.
  • Bruzzone, Raffaella, et al. "Botanical relics of a lost landscape: herborising 'upon the Cliffs about the Pharos' in Genoa, March 1664." Landscape Research (2017): 1-17.
  • Piana, Pietro, Charles Watkins, and Ross Balzaretti. "'Saved from the sordid axe': representation and understanding of pine trees by English visitors to Italy in the eighteenth and nineteenth century." Landscape History 37.2 (2016): 35-56.

Geographies of empire and internationalism

Historical geographies of globalisation exist in moments of imperial expansion, internationalist solidarity, colonial violence and nationalist resistance. In this work we reconstruct how space aided, abetted and eluded processes of imperialism and internationalism.

Recent publications...
  • Beckingham, David 2014. "The press and the pledge: Father Theobald Mathew's 1843 temperance tour of Britain" Historical Geography. 42, 93-110.
  • Hodder, Jake. "Waging peace: militarising pacifism in Central Africa and the problem of geography, 1962." Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 42.1 (2017): 29-43.
  • Hodder, Jake. "Toward a Geography of Black Internationalism: Bayard Rustin, Nonviolence, and the Promise of Africa." Annals of the American Association of Geographers 106.6 (2016): 1360-1377.
  • Legg, Stephen. "Empirical and analytical subaltern space? Ashrams, brothels and trafficking in colonial Delhi." Cultural Studies 30.5 (2016): 793-815.
  • Hodder, Jake, Stephen Legg, and Mike Heffernan. "Introduction: Historical geographies of internationalism, 1900–1950." Political Geography 49 (2015): 1-6.


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