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Infectious Disease and Biosecurity


Animal diseases have cost the UK economy over £15 billion over the last decade. Biosecurity means taking steps to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious disease such as BVD, IBR, Leptospirosis and Johnes disease. Support from all stakeholders to achieve adequate implementation of control measures is crucial to the beef and dairy industry in the UK. We combine veterinary science, epidemiology and social science to investigate various aspects of controlling infectious disease and improving biosecurity in the UK. 

Current research

We are using evidence-based, qualitative research techniques to identify the ‘people factors’ that influence the implementation of current advice by various stakeholders, such as farmers and veterinary surgeons. Current projects include:

  • Infectious disease control in dairy cows: Provision of practical guidance on vaccination and biosecurity using a combined approach.
  • Attitudes, barriers and motivators of veterinary surgeons and farmers towards abortion investigations in cattle.
  • Effectiveness of audio-visual material for knowledge transfer of animal health information to farmers



Research impact

Our research has led to audio-visual resources that are used for knowledge transfer to farmers regarding safe and effective vaccination techniques, for example:

Research outcomes are continuously used in CPD activities for both producers and veterinary surgeons, informing them about current expectations, and giving them information to help address issues relating to biosecurity and infectious disease control more effectively.




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