Economic Worlds


Our research has produced new, culturally sensitive understandings of the creation, transformation and destruction of commodity value in cultural and financial economic circuits.



Negotiating everyday, unexpected and financial value

The complex, variable, unexpected and contingent determinants of value attached to different material objects and bodies, as well as the relays between financial and everyday value and values are a key foci of research in the school.

Recent publications

  • Langley P, Leyshon, A. (2017) 'Capitalising on the crowd: the monetary and financial ecologies of crowdfunding', Environment and Planning A, Online First.
  • Langley, P. and Leyshon, A. (2016) 'Platform capitalism: The intermediation and capitalisation of digital economic circulation', Finance and Society, Online First.
  • Kneale, J. and French, S. (2015) 'Moderate drinking before the unit: Medicine and life assurance in Britain and the US c.1860–1930', Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy, 22(2): 111-117.


Economic Worlds

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