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Energy research is vitally important to ensure sustainability based on energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability.  A multidisciplinary approach is needed to ensure that our future sees energy resources integrated into our daily lives in a sustainable way. 

Our research

We are focusing on nine themes:

The University is home to the Energy Technology Research Institute, a flagship group that coordinates energy research across the institution and beyond.

Our impact

Ensuring the sustainable future of energy conversion, storage and transportation is essential, particularly in a world changing as fast as ours. With new solutions vital to the development of societies across the planet, our research can help tackle some of the greatest challenges of the modern day. Our focus on collaborative and cross-disciplinary research allows us to take on problems with greater expertise and better funding than ever before.

Our University

Energy research at The University of Nottingham is carried out by more than 100 researchers across four faculties, who work to develop innovative solutions such as new materials for energy conversion and storage, integrated energy storage for wind power and energy efficient buildings. With world-leading energy research already at the heart of the institution, we know we can deliver a deeper understanding of how we as individuals and societies interact with our energy system.

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