Engine Research Group
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Engine Research Group

For almost 30 years the Engine Research Group (ERG) has worked closely with Ford Motor Company, Jaguar, Land Rover and other OEM/Oil companies in collaborations which are amongst the most successful between industry and a university.

Research group members currently comprise two Academics (Prof P. Shayler and Dr A. La Rocca), three Research Fellows, ten Postgraduate Students and six Technicians.

Potgraduate students and researchers working in the Engine Research Group laboratory, University Park.

Key aims and expertise

  • Performance and operation of engines during cold-start/warm-up
  • Cold-engine friction characteristics
  • Control of emissions to within limits permitted by European and other International standards
  • Development of the new low carbon engine technologies
  • Development of computer aided engineering tools based on computational and analytical models
  • Optical analysis of combustion characteristics

Diesel combustion initiation and early development in a combustion vessel

At low ambient temperatures, diesel engines can exhibit large cycle-by-cycle variations in combustion which affect heat release and work output, particularly during engine starting and cold idling, even when combustion is aided by glow plugs.

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Engine Research Group

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