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FLuTE expertise
 Keywords Name
Multiphase phase flows, Flow assurance, heat and mass transfer in multiphase flow, multiphase flow modelling, interfacial interactions, droplet entrainment and deposition, microfluidics and thin film dynamics Dr Buddhika Hewakandamby (Head of Group)
Drag reduction, Boundary-layer control, Flow control, Turbulent boundary layer structures, Boundary layer transition, Deterministic turbulence, High-lift and quiet aerofoils, Plasma actuators, Unsteady flow control, Anti-icing and de-icing control, Turbulence, Aerodynamics Professor Kwing-So Choi
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental two phase flow in particulate-gas, Numerical and experimental heat transfer, liquid-gas-solid systems, Absorption refrigeration, multiphase flows, heat transfer, Liquid atomisation, Wet steam measurement, turbulent reacting flows Dr Donald Giddings
Experimental multiphase fluids, droplet impact, optical measurement techniques. Thermoacoustic for power generation. Shearing flows in gas/oil/aeroengine applications Dr David Hann
Experimental aerodynamics and fluid dynamics; boundary layer flow control; drag reduction using passive and active technologies; active flow control system architectures for vehicle integration; heat transfer and novel cooling technologies, modeling and optimisation, thermal management, aeroacustics of synthetic jet actuators, noise reduction Dr Mark Jabbal
Internal combustion research projects, diesel and gasoline engines projects with analytical, computational and experimental work elements; Heat Transfer; Crystal growth, Soot, Particulate matter, Soot-in-oil, Emission control, Powertrain, hybrids. Dr Antonino La Rocca
The development and application of computational models to improve the understanding of multi-phase chemical and environmental process engineering problems including: modelling of the emission, dispersion and mitigation of fugitive dust; surface minerals extraction; environmental fluid flow phenomena. Dr Ian Lowndes
Refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies, heat powered refrigeration systems, heat and mass transfer, engineering thermodynamics, nanofluid, refrigeration system, Thermal storage for building applications, dehumidification, tri-generation system Dr Shenyi Wu 
Fluid flow and heat transfer, biomimetics, Efficient cooling technology, microchannel boiling and condensation, heat pipes, jet impingement, film cooling, Elelctrohydrodynamic, low carbon vehicle thermal management, Power electronics, Battery thermal management, HVAC in the built environment, Thermofluids Professor Yuying Yan
Energy efficiency, vapour compression, heat pump, desiccant refrigeration, evaporative cooling, co-and tri-generations, thermal energy storage and recovery, building energy performance simulation and improvement, energy policy study, renewable energy (Solar, geothermal, wind, etc.) Dr Jie Zhu
Automotive propulsion systems, Internal combustion engines, Exhaust waste heat recovery, Low carbon fuels, Alternative fuels, BatteriesPowertrain thermal management, Hybrid vehicles, Hybrid aircraft, Electric motors  Professor Alasdair Cairns
NIR filtering, Absorptivity, Microfluidic, Thermal transport, Solar radiation, Material Cooling, Bio-inspired engineering, optics materials, structural fabrication assemblies, thermal functionality, synethetic polymer research, energy capture and storage, material composite function, multi-material layering Dr Mark Alston
Wind energy, wind resource assessment, optimal layout and management of wind farm, flow control, optimization of passive and active control, turbine cooling, highly flexible structures, plasma actuation, data science artificial intelligence in fluid flow prediction and control, wind turbines Dr Xuerui Mao

Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group

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