Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group
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FLUTE develops innovative technologies for HVAC systems and components with the aim of saving energy in HVAC and improving thermal comfort for the built environments. The research topics include utilisation of solar energy for building air-conditioning; long term and short term thermal energy storage for building heat and cooling. Joint researches include one with Shanghai Jiaotong University sponsored by China research council and Royal Society.


HVAC, Refrigeration and Thermal Management


We carry out fundamental studies on improving the performance of refrigeration systems and the effectiveness of industrial applications.

One of current projects is to study the roles of nanoparticles in the working fluids of refrigeration systems.Other topics are concerned with how to improve evaporative and desiccant cooling. The investigations are based on both experimental and numerical (CFD) modelling. A collaborative research with 3 UK and 3 India universities on absorption refrigeration for waste heat utilisation from cooling concentrated photovoltaic systems in hot climates has been established.

We also develop effective solutions of thermal management for various energy systems such as automotive engines, electric vehicle batters, power electronics, and telecommunication data centres.  

Nano fluids
Nano fluids for HVAC and Refrigeration
Sustainable refrigeration
Sustainable refrigeration
Thermal management
Thermal management for energy systems and power electronics
Ventilation design
Ventilation design
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Energy saving for HVAC systems
Heat and mass transfer enhancement
Heat and mass transfer enhancement for refrigeration systems


Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group

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