Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group
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FLUTE research in Multiphase Flow focusses on understanding the nature of the interactions between two or three immiscible phases flowing together in various flow systems across micro to macro length scales.

Our aim is to develop multidisciplinary solutions to two phase flow problems in strategically important technological areas such as Power and Energy, Industrial Biotechnology, Food processing and Healthcare technologies.


Multiphase Flow


Our multifaceted research approach is underpinned by the extensive experimental and modelling skills embedded in the group together with the unique instrumentation and pilot scale facilities.

Our expertise range from two phase flow experimentation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), microfluidics, data assimilation and developing empirical and semi empirical models. We collaborate with industry and other national and international research institutions closely.  Our research is funded by the Research Councils and the industry.

Gas-liquid two phase flow in pipes
Interfacial dynamics
Interfacial dynamics in two phase flows
Two and three phase flow
Two and three phase flow measurement techniques
Liquid-liquid two phase flow
Liquid-liquid two phase flow

Fluids and Thermal Engineering Research Group

Faculty of Engineering
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