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Water quality, micropollutants (pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, metals, antimicrobial resistance, microplastics), wastewater treatment, bioprocesses, novel adsorbents, enzymes, waste to resource, circular economy, modelling and analytics

Dr Rachel Gomes (Head of Group)
Advances in control of food mixing operations, the effect of processing on microstructure control and extension of traditional unit operations to include performance of formulations of various consumer products Professor Serafim Bakalis
Appropriate technology, sustainable materials, biogas, cookstoves, natural fibre composites, engineering education research Dr Mike Clifford
The circular economy, resource sustainability and waste. 
Sustainable extraction and production of raw materials, regeneration of materials, separation of materials and components for reuse, recovery of energy and biochemical value, materials production from waste derived and secondary resources, end of life solutions for hazardous materials
Dr Rebecca Ferrari
Environmental remediation, Resource Recovery, Wastewater treatment, Contaminated soils, Waste Management Dr Helena Gomes
Human digestion; healthy foods; sustainable foods; gluten free; food structure; crystallisation and crystal structures; drying Dr Ourania Gouseti
Digital Food and Drink Manufacturing, Ultrasonic Process Analytical Technologies, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion, Industrial Internet of Things Applications, Online Food Quality Assessment Dr Nicholas Watson

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