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Our aim is to tackle one of the most fundamental questions facing the human race: how do we continue to feed ourselves when the growing population is placing unsustainable pressures on the world’s resources?

Our research

We take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding food and its impact, to develop strategies for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification. Our unique approaches enable us to offer novel solutions for crop and animal production and the effective manufacture and impact of food. Specific themes include:

  • alternative underutilised crops
  • alternative food sources and farming practices
  • animal production efficiency
  • food safety
  • ethics and governance issues
  • identifying agricultural system solutions
  • measuring sustainable intensification
  • minimising and reutilising waste materials
  • post-harvest technologies to enhance storage and shelf life
  • preventative medicine through food
  • resilient crops

Our impact

By understanding the importance of targeted traits in crop and animal production, we can ensure that we maximise the health and wellbeing of all of those who eat it. This would facilitate the idea of “preventative medicine through food” – a transformative idea that has revolutionised how food is produced across the world. Our work is vital economically as well – in the UK alone, food and drink manufacturing contributes over £96 billion a year to the economy. Developing new ways to improve the quality and efficiency of this industry will have a huge impact.

Our University

The University of Nottingham is perfectly positioned to tackle the issues of agriculture and food security from a global perspective. With campuses in the UK, Malaysia and China, and with industrial and academic partners across the world, we can bring insights and ideas from different countries and communities, and build on them to create innovative and ground-breaking solutions.

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