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The world's leading violence risk assessment instrument now being translated into Arabic


The team of the L.I.F.E (Long Term Incarcerated Patients in Forensic Settings: Role of Research in Socioeconomic Development) project, led by Professor Birgit Völlm, Nottingham and Professor Samar  Abdelazim, Cairo, have been working with the developers of the Historical Clinical Risk Management-20, Version 3 (HCR-20) (Douglas, Hart, Webster, & Belfrage, 2013) into the Arabic language. The two-year L.I.F.E project is a collaborative project between University of Nottingham and Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt) and aims to establish a forensic psychiatric research unit in Ain Shams University, to develop practice guidelines and enhance discharge decision making guidelines for forensic settings in Egypt.

The HCR-20 authors have enthusiastically embraces our proposal and the work on the translation has now started. This exciting new development is a critical beginning in using validated assessment tools in the Middle East. The Arabic language is the official language of 26 countries. The lack of availability of any validated risk assessment tools in Arabic limits the use of many useful tools that will help in providing more efficient forensic services and establishing better evidence based guidelines on which to base treatment and discharge decisions for mentally ill offenders in forensic setting. A well-defined terminology in Arabic for the technical terms of the HCR-20 will aid the universality of its use across Arabic speaking countries and also contribute to the potential of conducting future multicentre trials which will in turn improve clinical practice. 


Posted on Monday 20th February 2017

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