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Forensic seminar – Challenges in implementing best practice in forensic psychiatry in Egypt


On July 21 2016, Associate Professor Samar Abdelazim from Ain Shams University, Cairo, was invited to talk about the current service provision and research in forensic psychiatry and psychology in Egypt with the staff and PhD candidates of the Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology, University of Nottingham. The talk was followed by the official Kick-off of a two year British Council funded project ‘Long Term Incarcerated Patients in Forensic Settings: Role of Research in Socioeconomic Enhancement (LIFE)’ between the two tertiary education institutions, with the aim to develop guidance on the management of forensic-psychiatric patients in Egypt, and to establish a Centre of Excellence in Forensic Psychiatry Research (CEFPR).

The event took place during a 4 week visit by Professor Samar during which she had the opportunity to visit several forensic-psychiatric hospitals of varying security level in England. Contrasting with the practices in England, it was highlighted that there were only high secure units for forensic-psychiatric patients in Egypt and the absence of step-down services hindered the continuity of care and rehabilitation of such patients. Furthermore, confinement in the high secure setting for long period of time could pose further strain on the patients’ mental well-being.

An informal discussion ensued following the presentation to further deliberate on research ideas and training plans for the project. Professor Samar has also warmly extended her invitation to interested personnel for conferences and workshops in Egypt which are scheduled at the later stages of this collaboration.

For more information, kindly contact the lead investigator of this project, Professor Birgit Völlm, School of Medicine, Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology. 

Posted on Thursday 28th July 2016

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