Gas Turbine and Transmissions Research Centre

Dr Chris Hyde, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of G2TRC
Herve Morvan
Prof Herve Morvan
Seamus Garvey
Prof Seamus Garvey, Director of the Rolls-Royce UTC in Gas Turbine Transmission Systems and Head of G2TRC
Member of staff wearing new polo shirt
Jee Loong Hee, PhD Student

Terry Alvey, Rig Design and Development Technician

G2TRC meeting room
Dr Paloma Paleo Cageao, Rig Procurement Project Manager
G2TRC polo shirt
James Garvey, Rig Design Engineer
Dr Graham Johnson, Rig Design Engineer
Staff talking crop
Jee and Graham discussing technical issues
G2TRC_Kit_Arun Natarajan_2
Dr Arun Natarajan Research Fellow
Martin Berthold, PhD Student
Martin Berthold, PhD Student
Dr Ben Rothwell, Research Fellow
Dr Ben Rothwell, Research Fellow
Piotr Zacharzewski
Piotr Zacharzewski, PhD Student
Dafne Gaviria Arcila, PhD Student
Stephen Pearson
Dr Stephen Pearson, E&T Team Co-ordinator and Rig Design Engineer
Student at the G2TRC
Arun Prabhakar, CFD Research Associate
G2TRC_Kit_Andrew Nicoli
Andrew Nicoli, PhD Student
Tomas Walker
Tomas Walker, PhD Student
Staff and student talking small
Dr Richard Jefferson-Loveday talking to Martin
Student research at the G2TRC
Dr Stephen Ambrose, CFD Research Fellow
Research in the G2TRC
Dr James Rouse, Research Fellow
Tim Whitehouse, UTC project manager
Tim Whitehouse, UTC Project Manager
G2TRC staff member with new polo shirt
Bob Stables, Lead Technician
Hayley Foster
Hayley Foster, G2TRC Project Manager


Prof Hervé Morvan and Prof Seamus Garvey invited staff and colleagues to a summer BBQ to celebrate achievements over the last year. The event was held on the 4th July 2017, themed as a 'Bastille Day BBQ'.

4th July BBQ 2017 G2TRC 20 years
Staff, colleagues, family and friends at the Bastille Day BBQ, 4th July 2017
4th July BBQ 2017
Staff celebrating their achievements
4th July BBQ 2017 and The Old Codgers band
Guests watching the live band
G2TRC 4th July BBQ cake
Cake to celebrate G2TRC achievements and 20 years of the transmissions UTC
The Old Codgers - 4th July BBQ 2017
The Old Codgers, live band


G2TRC Science is Global 01
Royal Society #ScienceIsGlobal Campaign picture, August 2016

Gas Turbine and Transmissions Research Centre

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