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In the Geochemistry research group, we passionately care about climate change, geohazards and energy security.

We are committed to leading multidisciplinary research to serve our community better by delivering new solutions to optimize the use of geo-energy to achieve cost-efficient environment-friendly energy security.

Our research focuses mainly on the chemistry of interfaces, in particular "fluid-rock interaction", linked with geoscience, engineering, mathematics, and other disciplines.


Key interests and expertise

The research group has extensive expertise in a broad range of fields in which climate and energy are key.

  • Environmental science
  • Diagenesis
  • Underground gas storage
  • Fluid-rock interaction
  • Chemo-mechanics
  • Water treatment

Current projects

  • Water treatment in Egypt
  • Fluid-rock interaction in geothermal systems
  • Environmental risks of gas storage in salt rocks
  • Nanoscale characteristics of fault healing processes and link with fault slip behaviour
  • Mobilization of elements during shale-water contact
  • Synthesis of dolomite

Recent publications

Madjid, M.Y.A., Vandeginste, V., Hampson, G., Jordan, C.J., Booth, A.D. (2018) Drones in carbonate geology: opportunities and challenges, and application in diagenetic dolomite geobody mapping. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in print.

Vandeginste, V., Stehle, M.C., Jourdan, A.-L., Bradbury, H.J., Manning, C., Cosgrove, J.W. (2017) Diagenesis in salt dome roof strata: Barite - Calcite assemblage in Jebel Madar, Oman. Marine and Petroleum Geology 86, 408-425.

Booth, A., Vandeginste, V., Pike, D., Abbey, R., Clark, R.A., Green, C.M., Howland, N. (2017) Geochemical insight during archaeological geophysical exploration through in situ X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. Archaeological Prospection, 24, 361-372.

Beckert, J., Vandeginste, V., John, C.M. (2016) Relationship between karstification and burial dolomitization in Permian platform carbonates (Lower Khuff - Oman). Sedimentary Geology 342, 165-179.

Beckert, J., Vandeginste, V., John, C.M. (2015) Exploring the geological features and processes that control the shape and internal fabrics of late diagenetic dolomite bodies (Lower Khuff equivalent - Central Oman Mountains). Marine and Petroleum Geology 68, 325-340.

Vandeginste, V., Rafiuddin, N.L., Peskin, A. (2015) Three-dimensional reconstruction of diagenetic geobodies for geological carbon dioxide storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 42, 319-328.

Bradbury, H.J., Vandeginste, V., John, C.M. (2015) Diagenesis of phosphatic hardgrounds in the Monterey Formation: A perspective from bulk and clumped isotope geochemistry. Geological Society of America Bulletin 127, 1453-1463.

Quye-Sawyer, J., Vandeginste, V., Johnston, K.J. (2015) Application of handheld energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry to carbonate studies: opportunities and challenges. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 30, 1490-1499.

Research team

The Geochemistry group consists of members of Dr. Veerle Vandeginste's research team.

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February 2018: New publication on the use of drones in carbonate geology published in Marine and Petroleum Geology! Read more about this research in this blog

December 2017: Welcome to new PhD student Omomayowa Akele!

October 2017: Talk at the AAPG ICE conference

October 2017: Welcome to new PhD students Grace Belshaw, Tharwat Hassan, Freya Jones, research assistant Ian Clark and MSci student Charlotte Cowan!

September 2017: New project award! EPSRC GCRF Institutional Sponsorship Award to study water treament in Egypt

September 2017: New paper on diagenesis in salt dome roof strata in Marine and Petroleum Geology!

August 2017: Talk at the Goldschmidt conference

May 2017: Visit of the Winsford salt mine

April 2017: New PhD position availabe in underground hydrogen storage! More information on the Opportunities page

April 2017: Many congratulations to Tharwat Hassan for a Newton-Mosharafa PhD scholarship!

March 2017: New project award! Funds from the Royal Society to study gas storage in salt rocks




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