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Research team

Current members

  • Dr. Veerle Vandeginste (Assistant Professor in Geochemistry)
  • Ms. Charlotte Cowan (MSci student, 2017-2018): Evaluation of heavy metal remediation using natural apatite
  • Mr. Ian Clark (research assistant, 2017-2018): Cost-efficient development of sustainable water resources in Egypt
  • Ms. Omomayowa Akele (PhD student, 2017-2021): Ensuring sustainability of drinking water resources by optimising energy efficiency for desalination techniques, First supervisor: Prof. John King
  • Ms. Grace Belshaw (PhD student, 2017-2020): Fluid-rock interaction in geothermal systems
  • Mr. Tharwat Hassan (PhD student, 2017-2021): Mobility of trace elements from interaction of groundwater with crystalline rocks: Golden Triangle Area, Eastern Desert of Egypt
  • Ms. Freya Jones (PhD student, 2017-2020): Understanding the effects of heterogeneities on pore scale flow in an aeolian sandstone petroleum reservoir, First supervisor: Prof. Matthew Hall
  • Ms. Carla Martín Clavé (EngD student, 2016-2020): Impact of impurities and salt structures on environmental risks of gas storage in salt caverns


  • Ms. Brenda Medrano Buenrostro (MSc student, 2017): Kinetic behaviour of volcanic rock dissolution under geothermal conditions (Poás volcanic system, Costa Rica), collaboration with Dmitri Rouwet (NIGV, Italy)
  • Ms. Grace Belshaw (MSci student, 2016-2017): Mobilization of elements during shale-water contact and the impact of changing redox conditions in relation to the fracking process
  • Ms. Imogen Player (MSci student, 2016-2017): The impact of fluid acidity on the mobilization of elements during shale-fluid contact
  • Mr. Oliver Snell (MSci student, 2016-2017): Catalysis of dolomite formation
  • Mr. Tanguy Racine (MSci student from Imperial College London, 2016-2017): Dolomite formation in the Picos de Europa (northern Spain), collaboration with Jonathan Naden (BGS)
  • Ms. Helen Lacey (PhD student at Imperial College London, 2014-2017): The manifestation and role of calcite cementation in fault zones, joint supervision with Robert Zimmerman, John Cosgrove (Imperial College London)
  • Dr. Julia Beckert (PhD student at Imperial College London, 2012-2016): Fracture related dolomitization in the Central Oman Mountains, joint supervision with Cedric John (Imperial College London)
  • Mr. Muhamad Madjid (MSc student from Imperial College London, 2016): Distribution of dolomite geobodies in the Picos de Europa (northern Spain): A novel approach to mapping, joint supervision with Gary Hampson (Imperial College London) and collaboration with Colm Jordan (BGS) and Adam Booth (University of Leeds)
  • Mr. Ryan Larder (BP undergraduate research student, 2016): Synthesis of dolomite at room temperature: overcoming kinetic inhibition
  • Mr. Casey Jennings (IRES student from Virginia Tech, USA, 2016): Geochemical modeling of the effects of carbon dioxide injection on coalbed methane-associated water in the Central Appalachian Basin, joint supervision with Nino Ripepi (VT), Matthew Hall (UoN Engineering), Andrew Kilpatrick (BGS), Chris Rochelle (BGS)


The University of Nottingham
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telephone: +44 (0) 115 748 4140