Geohazards and Earth Processes Research Group
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The Geohazards and Earth Processes Research Group is a new group that focusses on Earth process research, covering science, observation, modelling, impacts on and risks to infrastructure, with a focus on how those processes create hazards. 

In a time of significant environmental change, solutions to the grand challenges posed by Earth processes and related geological hazards require integrated solutions. These must bring together process understanding with observation, modelling and risk assessment.


Geohazards and Earth Processes


This research group is a foundation stone on which to build Nottingham’s reputation as a centre for excellence in Geohazards and Earth processes assessment. Society faces an unprecedented period of rapid environmental change.

The societal challenge is to manage this change. Successful management requires understanding of process, hazards and risk. A significant component of these hazards are geological hazards that, in their broadest sense, relate to mass movement including ground motion, erosion, debris flows etc. In turn these are controlled by climate, hydrology, hydrogeological, tectonic, biological and anthropogenic process. They influence rocks, soils and water resources, atmospheric quality and built structures.


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Geohazards and Earth Processes

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