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 Open Source Cables Models for EMI Simulations

The objective of this proposal is to develop and validate sophisticated electromagnetic cable models in SPICE. These models can be used by EMC engineers in space applications for the analysis of crosstalk, shielding and field-to-cable coupling, both in the frequency domain and the time domain. In SPICE the cable models can also be combined with non-linear components. These cable models in SPICE shall be usable in both open-source and proprietary versions of SPICE. In addition, it shall be possible for researchers from industry, academia and agencies to improve these models and complement them without any restrictions. Therefore the models will have to be subject to an appropriate open-source license.

In the past several advanced distributed-parameter models of multi-conductor transmission lines have been derived. In addition advanced models for shielding and for field-to-cable coupling have been derived. However, all these cable models have not yet been implemented in circuit simulators like  SPICE. Mostly these models have been incorporated in sophisticated electromagnetic simulation software packages, available at high cost for procurement and training. However, these packages offer no interaction with non-linear (active) components as is being offered. 


Prof David Thomas, Dr Steve Greedy


National Aerospace Laboratory, NLR Netherlands





Open Source Cables Models for EMI Simulations



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