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Seminar: High-resolution manometry as a new technique to study the effect of drugs on colonic motility and the pathophysiological mechanisms of functional bowel disorders

D Floor, Medical School, NDDC Seminar Room, Nottingham, QMC, West Block
Friday 9th February 2018 (13:00-14:00)

High resolution manometry was used to assess colonic motility using defined parameters. Study 1: assessing the specific effects of bisacodyl, prucalopride and polyethylene glycol in healthy subjects. Study 2: assessing pan colonic pressurisations as a potential pathophysiological mechanism of ROME III constipation in patients compared to healthy subjects. Overall bisacodyl stimulated high amplitude propagating contractions, and patients also had measureable changes in defined motility patterns.

Speaker: Alex Harris, BMedSci medical student

Sandwiches and refreshments provided.

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