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Ageing populations, increases in chronic conditions and pressure on health services are huge challenges. Adopting innovative technologies in the care of patients is crucial in addressing these. 

Our research

Our vision is to ensure that the scientific discoveries being made here in Nottingham are successfully and widely applied by our partners to transform the lives of those facing ill-health.

The development of novel healthcare technologies is multidisciplinary and we draw on expertise from across the University. Clinicians help to identify important problems and test these technologies. Research in materials helps to develop new sensors, implants, coatings that resist bacteria and drug delivery methods. This is underpinned by expertise in advanced manufacturing techniques, data analysis and modelling. Human factors research helps to ensure that the devices developed are well design, safe and are acceptable to clinicians and patients. All this will provide a pathway to support translation of fundamental/curiosity driven research into healthcare.

Our impact

The technologies that we are developing are assisting premature babies through to the frail and elderly. Through the Centre for Healthcare Technologies, we are working closely with clinicians at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust to ensure that cost-effective, innovative technologies can be rapidly adopted by the NHS.

Our University

The University of Nottingham is an internationally recognised centre for innovation in healthcare technology. This is built upon outstanding research, first-class training and partnerships with the NHS and the medical industry. By further innovation and collaborations with partners across a range of disciplines, we will build a platform that puts Nottingham at the centre of the UK’s drive to become the world leader in medical innovation and product development.

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