Human Factors Research Group



Undergraduate 2010-2015 Harbin Institute of Technology 2013-2014 Hongkong University (Exchange)

Master 2015-2018 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Architecture Center 2017-2018 University of Nottingham (Dual degree)

Research Summary

Strategies for Promoting the Organic Integration of Industrial Heritage Districts and Modern Cities

This research focuses on the strategy of industrial heritage district regeneration, aiming to explore suitable preservation modes in which industrial heritage districts are able to be assimilated organically into the modern city context. Successful relevant projects in American and European countries will be taken as comparative case studies for inspiration. And the study will go further and practical by taking a typical site to verify the feasibility of the strategies.

Past Research

Design of High-speed Railway Stations in China

Regeneration of urban villages

Human Factors Research Group

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