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Sustainability in Architectural Education

This area of research aims to the implementation of pedagogical developments in academic and professional training towards to facilitate the integration of sustainable environmental design in the education and practice of architecture. Among other research activities, the EU-funded (€1.7M) EDUCATE project was built on a consortium of seven leading European universities and received the support of both international building professionals and associations of educators and practitioners in six European countries.


The mission of EDUCATE was to foster knowledge and skills in sustainable environmental design, aiming to achieve comfort, delight, well-being and energy efficiency in new and existing buildings. This was to be promoted and demonstrated within a culturally, economically and socially viable design process, at all stages of architectural and professional education

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Environmental Design in University Curriculum and Architectural Training in Europe (EDUCATE)

Funder: European Commission – Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI)

Total Funding: £ 1,413,553

Start Date: 01 June 2009

End Date: 31 May 2012

Lead: Sergio Altomonte

Co-leads: Peter RutherfordRobin Wilson

Academic Project Partners: Architectural Association School of Architecture (UK); Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium); Technical University of Munich (Germany); Department DATA, University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy); Seminar of Architecture and Environment, University of Seville (Spain); Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary).

Integrated Studio Project on Architecture, Construction and Environment (iSPACE)

Funder: HEFCE Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund 

Total Funding: £30,000

Start Date: 1st February 2008

End Date: 31st July 2010

Lead: Sergio Altomonte

Co-leads: Peter RutherfordRobin Wilson

User Acceptance of Mobile Web Applications in Architectural Education on Sustainable Environmental Design

Funder: HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources

Total Funding: £2,000

Start Date:1st February 2012

End Date:1st March 2012

Lead: Sergio Altomonte

Co-leads: Peter Rutherford, Robin Wilson, Brian Logan (Computer Sciences)


Sustainability in Architectural Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Funder: EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant

Total Funding: £ 52,485 (PhD fees + salary)

Start Date: 01 January 2010

End Date: 31 December 2012

Lead: Andrew Gibson

Co-leads: Sergio Altomonte (principal supervisor), Peter Rutherford (co-supervisor)



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