International Centre for Public and Social Policy
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Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

The International Centre for Public and Social Policy is an active academic community, hosting several major conferences in recent years. These include: 

  • Organised and hosted 'From Third Way to Which Way?', the annual conference of the Social Policy Association
  • Co-organised Policy and Politics conference at Bristol University, 'Politics of Austerity or the Austerity of Politics?'
  • Hosted the Founding Workshop for The Astarte Programme, a joint initiative between the IcPSP and the Public Management and Policy Association
  • Hosted a workshop on research opportunities in public and social policy: 'Research Opportunities - the voluntary sector and beyond' led by Angus Anderson and Sharon Clancy
  • Organised and hosted annual UK conference of the treESS (Training and Reporting on European Social Security) network on behalf of the European Commission

We also organise a regular seminar programme. Recent presentations include: 

  • How should we understand science policy and where can we find it? - Dr Sujatha Raman
  • Academic Publishing in the 21st century: A guide for the perplexed - Alison Shaw, Director of The Policy Press
  • "The third way is dead, long live the third way". The strange death of New Labour's welfare reforms - Professor Alan Deacon
  • Conservative social policy: A coalition of Conservatives? - Professor Hugh Bochel
  • "Credit Crunch": We are missing the point - Richard Minns
  • State welfare and political legitimacy - Professor Peter Taylor-Gooby
  • Financialization 'off-plan': The displacement of UK buy-to let - Professor Andrew Leyshon
  • What (if anything) is wrong with inheritance tax? - Professor Stuart White
  • Joined up (good) governance? Links and missing links between evidence and policy - Dr John Turnpenny
  • Trust: The first casualty of partnership working - Professor John Diamond
  • What is the reach and what are the limits of the European Union's influence on Member States' social secruity and healthcare systems? - Dr Rob Cornelissen (Advisor, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission)

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