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Screen industries taught course and research opportunities

Aspects of the screen industries can be studied at all award levels within the Department of Culture, Film and Media in the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies.

ISIR offers a talent development programme called the Creative Student Network, which is one of the Institutes most innovative programmes for ideas generation, open to students of all disciplines.

ISIR also warmly welcomes enquiries for masters and doctoral students.


students filming on campus

Creative Student Network members at work on the Nottingham campus  


Postgraduate Study

ISIR offers a unique MA course which prepares students to work in Industry:

MA in Film, Television and Screen Industries

We offer a range of research opportunities, and particularly welcome proposals across the following areas: 
  • Piracy (legal and illegal downloading cultures)
  • New audiences (new modes of consumption, interactive viewing, online and social TV)
  • Multi-platform content (creation, distribution, branding/marketing, consumption).
  • Mobile TV and film viewing
  • Emerging markets (managing exposure, understanding different national contexts, China and South East Asia in particular in view of Nottingham University’s unique presence in China and Malaysia).
  • Global production trends (studios, filmmakers, practices, funding, incentive opportunities).
  • Brand identity (as a means to carry audience loyalty across multiple platforms, idents and non-textual media).
  • Organisations and assets (studios, guilds, institutional human assets, audience as assets, archives).
  • Film policy and culture (government media policies and implications, regulatory framework, film commissions). 

For information on other areas of research see Research Opportunities in Culture, Film and Media

Research Opportunities in Culture, Film and Media

Undergraduate Study

The Department of Culture, Film and Media offers the following undergraduate courses:

Film and Television Studies BA

Creative Student Network

The Creative Student Network (CSN) is one of ISIR’s most innovative programmes for ideas generation. It builds on talent available amongst the University’s 40,000 strong student population across the UK, China and Malaysia campuses. It is open to all students from all disciplines to ensure a truly multi-disciplinary/wide-ranging approach to problem solution and ideas generation.

Its key objectives are:

  • to generate new ideas in areas such as creative content, marketing, multi-platform narratives and audiences;
  • to test out new industry ideas and solutions;• to understand audience dynamics, particularly around social media, downloading, mobileplatforms, and new technologies,to identify opportunities;
  • to explore blue-sky innovations to allow out-of-the-box thinking and ideas;
  • to identify early unusual talent and foster it in partnership with industry.

To achieve these, CSN is articulated around three key programmes:

  • Internships/work placements;
  • Ideas generation
  • Production projects

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