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Distributed combined heat and power generation / co-generation; biomass technologies including combustion, gasification and pyrolysis; clean fossil fuel technologies including various carbon capture technologies/materials and clean coal technologies; fluidized beds; sustainable waste management and disposal; hydrogen production from biomass/coal Professor Hao Liu (Head of Group)
Production of bio-based chemicals, materials and functional food ingredients from food waste and sustainable biomass sources through development of transformative microwave technologies including Microwave-Assisted Extraction, pretreatment and stabilisation. Dr Eleanor Binner
Process modelling, process optimisation and techno-economic analysis of low-carbon energy technologies, including carbon capture and utilisation, as well as thermochemical and biochemical conversion of biomass and waste Dr Ioanna Dimitriou
Encompass novel processing techniques using microwave technologies Dr John Robinson
Fossil energy technologies, carbon capture, biomass conversion and hydrothermal carbonisation Professor Colin Snape
Catalysis and energy conversion, carbon capture technologies and related advanced gas clean-up systems Dr Chenggong Sun
Solar façade (Smart Window, PV, Concentrating PV, Transparent Insulation Materials etc.), Thermal Energy Storage, District Heating System, Building energy simulation, Integration of renewable/cleaner fossil energy systems into buildings and built environment Dr Yupeng Wu
Petroleum geochemistry, oil biodegradation, analytical pyrolysis, biomass conversion, isolation and quantification of pyrogenic carbon & biochar Dr Will Meredith
Use of sustainable feedstocks, bioenergy and biochemical production, oil/solid separation processes and microwave heating technologies Dr John Robinson

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