Microwave Process Engineering Research Group
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Microwave Process Engineering Research Group facilities


The facilities available in the research group are some of the most extensive in the World.


Dielectric characterisation

Is central to the group’s scientific capabilities. We consider these properties measurements can be considered at from micro to macro scale using a range of of techniques. Measurement techniques include high and low temperature coaxial probes, cavity perturbation methods (up to 1400°C), transmission line techniques and impedance spectroscopy for measurements across the RF frequency band. These capabilities allow us to probe the interaction of the electric field with the structure of materials. At microscale this allows us to develop mechanistic of the interaction between electromagnetic energy and materials. At a macroscale, bulk measurements underpin the safe design and scale-up of applicators, and choking structures for continuous electromagnetic processing systems.

Simulation capabilities

Our metrology facilities are supported by significant simulation capabilities in both electromagnetic (FDTD) and material property (FD and FEM) and multi-physics codes. Modelling capabilities includes access to High Performance Computing (HPC) systems hosted at the University of Nottingham, with the capability to model entire process systems to at a microstructural scale. Simulation can therefore be used to investigate fundamental micro-scale interactions through to design of industrial scale processing systems.

Experimental test systems

Are available from initial bench through to multiple tonne per hour pilot and commercial scale systems. Multiple microwave and RF generators are available from a few hundred watts to 100kW in a single generator. Frequencies of 13.56 MHz, 27.12 MHz, 896 MHz, and 2.45 GHz are available with a total installed power of >600kW. We have a significant number of specifically designed and generic heating applicators supported by a wide range of materials handling and safety systems to allow concepts to be developed from fundamental microstructure understanding to successfully validate models and deliver scale up studies at an industrially meaningful scale.

Microwave Process Engineering Research Group

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