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Communication and decision making (including advance care planning)  

Good communication is one of the core components of healthcare for any patient group or setting. It assumes particular importance in end-of-life care when attention shifts from active treatment to the process and experience of care.  

Advance care planning is promoted as a means of enabling patients to express their preferences and exert some control over decisions about end-of-life care. However, evidence suggests that professionals and patients find discussions related to poor prognosis, death and dying to be difficult and frequently avoided. 

This strand of our research investigates patient and carer preferences for communication and decision making about end-of-life care. It also explores current communication practices among patients and professionals as a means of understanding how good practice may be identified and disseminated.

Research that makes an impact

Enhancing staff-patient communication in palliative and end-of-life care: VERDIS AHP

Identifying communication skills and practices in specialist physiotherapists and occupational therapists to improve training. 

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Does Respecting Choices improve quality of life for cancer patients? The ACTION RCT

Assessing the impact of an innovative advance care planning method on patients with cancer. 

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Meet our researchers

Glenys Caswell

Glenys has a particular interest in the notion of the ‘good death’ and what role the accompaniment of the dying person by others plays in achieving this. 

Ruth Parry

Ruth’s work focuses on video-based observational studies involving healthcare communication about sensitive topics, including death and disability (the VERDIS projects). 

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