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Medicines management  

Treatment improvements enable increasing numbers of patients with severe and degenerative diseases to be cared for in the community rather than institutional settings. Consequently, the home has become the primary site of healthcare and medicines management, often involving complicated treatment regimes for co-morbid conditions.  

Medication use, like much medical decision making, is affected by the social, situational and relational aspects of the patient’s life. Traditionally, the rate of patient adherence to medical prescriptions has been low, and the unease and resistance many patients feel about taking powerful drugs, particularly opiates, has been well documented.   

Family members assume increasing responsibility for supporting patients in coordinating access to medicines and their use. However, we know little about how patients and informal carers respond to this aspect of care, or how services could be configured to provide better support for a task which many carers find burdensome and challenging. This strand of research explores processes of medicine prescribing, use and access, especially for patients from underserved communities and those approaching the end of life.

Research that makes an impact

Supporting underserved patients with their medicines

Can an e-learning resource change the attitudes and behaviour of pharmacy staff and improve the provision of medicine use reviews to underserved communities? 

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Managing Medicines for patients with serious illness being cared for and dying at home

To explore how patients with serious, life limiting and terminal illness, their family care givers and the health care professionals who support them engage collaboratively in managing medicines prescribed for relief of symptoms  towards the end of life.

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Asam Latif

Asam combines clinical practice as a community pharmacist with research into ways of improving  the support to patients provided by medicines management services including the Medicines Use Review, and the New Medicines Service.

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