Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre
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The Pavement Research Building is a purpose-built £2.4m state-of-the-art centre for research and development in all areas of pavement engineering;  design, performance, maintenance and materials.

It incorporates world-class laboratories for testing asphalt, concrete, bitumen, aggregates, recycled and other paving materials as well as pilot-scale pavements. The Pavement Research Building provides both laboratory facilities for the research activities of the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre of the University of Nottingham as well as a confidential commercial testing service to the pavement engineering industry.




NTEC has the following capabilities:

  • Pilot-scale pavement test facility
  • Extensive asphalt testing facilities
  • Analytical and rheological bitumen laboratories
  • Pavement geotechnical assessments
  • Testing of cement treated materials
  • Environmental leaching assessments

Our laboratories are employed for assessing:

  • Road, airfield and dock pavements
  • Rail track construction and maintenance
  • Recycling and environmental aspects of pavements
  • Bridge decks and road ironwork

We have a wide range of testing equipment within these facilities.


Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham, NG7 2RD