Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC)

Associated Research and Training Centres

Coastal Dynamics

Coastal Dynamics and Engineering centre 

focuses on two main areas of research:

  • the evolution of natural and engineered beaches
  • the design of coastal defence structures

Resilience Engineering Research Group 

This multi-disciplinary group is dedicated to conducting research into developing modelling techniques to predict ways of improving the design, maintenance, and operation of engineering systems in order to reduce the frequency and consequences of failure.

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SMARTI ETN  - Sustainable Multi-Functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastrcture European Training Network (2017-2021)

SMARTI European Training Network aims at forming 15 early stage researchers within a stimulating platform where key stakeholders of the transport infrastructure sector will work alongside worldwide experts in smartening of systems (developers of high-tech sensors, advanced monitoring equipment, automated structures, etc.,) with direct support from the roads, railways and airports managers.

SMARTI ETN brings together more than 30 partners, 19 of which from industry (11 SMEs) from 9 European countries, USA, Asia and Australia will have the un-missable opportunity of learning-by-doing, towards the smartening of transport infrastructures in Europe and beyond.


Super ITN

SUP&R ITN - SUstainable Pavement & Railways  Initial Training Network (2013 - 2017)

The Sustainable Pavements & Railways Initial Training Network is a training-through-research programme that is empowering Europe by forming a new generation of multi-disciplinary professionals capable of conceiving, planning and executing sustainable road and railway infrastructures. The SUP&R ITN, started at the beginning of October 2013, it’s a 4 million € effort entirely funded by the  European Commission through its  Marie Curie Actions 2012 of the FP7 programme 2006 – 2013. The  University of Nottingham lead this effort which is the first of its kind and involves 29 partners between universities, research centres and companies/industries, from five EU countries (UK, Italy, France, Ireland and Spain) and the USA.


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