Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC)

Materials and Technologies

Pavement, rail track and airfield Materials and Technologies including bitumen, asphalt, hydraulically bound materials, unbound granular materials, soils as well as self-healing materials, bitumen stabilized materials, modified bitumen, bio-binders and recycled asphalt mixes. 

Materials and Technologies

Research activities address the key distress mechanisms of flow and plastic deformation, cracking and fracture, sustainability as well as technology development following sustainability principles, increasing resilience and incorporating smart systems such as complex fluids and sensors.

Design and Performance 

  • Computational design of materials 
  • Computational rheology (CFD, etc.) 
  • Advanced and innovative testing
  • Binder and asphalt performance-based design 
  • Multi-criteria product design  


  • Bio-based materials T
  • yre rubber recycling 
  • Recycled asphalt mixes 
  • Low-energy asphalts 
  • Life cycle assessment 
  • Sustainability assessment
  • CRABfor OERE


  • Self-Healing materials
  • Self-healing asphalt mixtures

Smart Systems

  • Bitumen modification for asphalt pavements & for roofing membranes 
  • Bituminous stabilized ballast







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