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Sustainability is of increasing importance to pavement engineers. NTEC provides assistance in many relevant areas, in particular in the development of pavement materials which:

  • Maximise the use of secondary and recycled aggregates and binders
  • Are themselves recyclable in the long-term
  • Have low embodied energy
  • Are mechanically fit for purpose
  • Do not introduce excessive environmental loading when incorporated into the pavement
Sustainability and the Environment

Sustainability and the Environment



NTEC has wide experience of asphalt planings, glass cullet, ashes, slags, demolition debris, industrial by-product materials and marginal aggregates; being able to formulate optimal mixes and uses, perform relevant mechanical tests and environmental assessments.

Advice on wider issues of sustainability is also available from NTEC including:

  • Effects of climate change
  • Sustainability Assessment with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
  • Sustainable Engineering for transport infrastructures 
  • Life Cycle Thinking
  • Life cycle assessment and Carbon foot-printing and 
  • Company and sector sustainability strategies and indicator development
  • Corporate responsibility in the construction sector
  • Industrial epidemiology
  • Interaction between transport corridors and their surrounding environments

We often partner with colleagues from across the University to deliver multi-disciplinary solutions to industrial, societal and research problems that are essential in this fast changing field.



Study of groundwater contamination in the highway environment
ZeroWaster project



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