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Informal introduction to Search Methods for Systematic Reviews

113 The Ropewalk, Hearing theme NIHR Nottingham BRC Seminar Room, NG1 5DU, Ropewalk House
Friday 19th January 2018 (09:30-10:30)

Speaker: Farhad Shokraneh - Research Fellow (Information Specialist), Cochrane Schizophrenia Group

Title: Search Methods as Research Methods for Systematic Reviews

Objective: To introduce the available methods, processes and guidance related to designing, conducting and reporting the search for systematic reviews in biomedical context

Learning objectives:

1) You will be able to list the relevant resources of literature that should be searches for their question

2) You will recognise the differences among the databases and between the database and search interface

3) You know the methods to collect the search terms and combine them as a search strategy

4) You will become familiar with translation of search strategies among the databases

5) You will be able to write a reproducible document including PRISMA for reporting and publication purposes

Audiences: Postgraduate students, researchers and academic staffs

Description: It is advised that every research should get started with a systematic review and this systematic review should get updated during the research till the research ends. Systematic searching is part of every research and the search methods are becoming part of the research methods. There is no REsearch without a search.

This seminar will be an introduction to search methods used for conducting the systematic reviews. The talk will be about where to search, what to search, when to search, and how to search based on the most current evidence in the field. The session will continue with bringing up the issues with reporting the search step. To make a systematic review reproducible, the search methods should be reported in a reproducible format to facilitate replication of the search results.


If you are unable to attend in person, you can watch online (live) or watch after the event. Anyone who has the following URL for the meeting can join:

http://uni-of-nottingham.adobeconnect.com/rrgvqp00bi4i/ (note: it works best using Internet Explorer, otherwise you may need to download additional Flash plugins)

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