Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group
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The Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group (PEMC) spans all key power electronics disciplines from power device and component technology to complete power conversion systems. Key recent strategic developments have been based around expansion of staff critical mass, engagement with industry and development of facilities.

The group has expanded activities in Power Device Technologies by appointing Dr Alberto Castellazzi (2008), consolidating the Professorial appointment of Mark Johnson in 2006. Expansion of the activities in Electrical Machines following the appointment of Dr Chris Gerada in 2008 (promoted to Chair in 2013) have seen the award of a RAEng Senior Fellowship and two new industrial innovation centres in Electrical Machines.

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The group has undergone a significant period of growth and now has over 100 members , with 18 academics (including 6 full professors) and approximately 90 PhD students and post-doctoral research fellows.

The PEMC has very strong links with industry, both nationally and internationally, ranging from component suppliers to OEMs, where it applies its core technology expertise to application oriented research. Whilst the portfolio of application areas is not fixed and continually evolves to reflect to new opportunities, it is currently orientated towards transportation and future energy networks. Other significant industrial collaboration exist in Industrial Drive Systems and Pulsed Power Converters. 


Power electronics is a vital technology to underpin the Low Carbon Economy. It is essential in all future sustainable energy scenarios as it is the only technology that can deliver efficient and flexible conversion and conditioning of electrical energy. It will be responsible for ensuring the reliability and stability of the whole power supply infrastructure ranging from electricity generation, transmission and distribution, through a huge variety of applications in industry and transportation systems to home and office appliances.

To meet future aspirations in power conversion demands research delivering radical improvements in functional and physical integration, necessitating a research approach covering control, system topology, packaging and devices. The Group mission is therefore to sustain an internationally renowned research portfolio spanning all key power electronic disciplines from power device and component technology to complete power conversion systems.

The PEMC collaborates closely with the George Green Institute for Electromagnetic Research and with the Heat Transfer Group. Research activities cover basic technology (e.g. physics of failure research) to applied research (e.g. professionally engineered advanced technology demonstrator hardware for aerospace industries).



Power Electronics, Machines and Control Group

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